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Little Red Roaster (LRR) coffee outlets - Case Study Example

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This following report is a critical analysis of Little Red Roaster (LRR) coffee outlets. The discussion analyzes the nature of the business activities, environment, sales and marketing strategies, competition, decision-making and future plans of action. …
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Little Red Roaster (LRR) coffee outlets
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Extract of sample "Little Red Roaster (LRR) coffee outlets"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will therefore bring to the surface the weaknesses that prevent quick growth of the business due to managerial poor approach. It will also identify and discuss on those threats that arise from the external environment and thus outside control of the business. While doing so, this case report will also identify the strengths the business has achieved out of its current operating strategies and the opportunities available. Upon a critical analysis of the problem, it emerges that LRR faces more business development challenges in terms of expanding than mismanagement. The business is challenged with how best it can expand its current operating capacity to tap the improperly tapped coffee beverage market. The report analysis will also therefore endeavor to analyze the seemingly big problems related to room for expansion, outside catering and delivery of products. After identifying all these factors, this case analysis and report will review the alternatives available for a new course of action. In so doing, the case report will also discuss and elaborate on the reasons for adoption of such criteria. The adoption of any criterion will be based on the overall financial position of the Little Red Roast and the interplay of other external variables like availability of space and ready and reliable market. Alternatives are usually not necessarily the only choices to choose from by a business. Therefore the report will only identify the options and present them to the management for final decision-making. Recommendation for LRR will be based on the overall analysis and available options for the business. Rationale for such recommendation will be based on other aspects like the consequences of each one of them. Every new venture comes with its own unpredictable risks. This case report will therefore also do a forecast of possible risks that come with the available options. It will be up to the management to decide which option will be in the best interest for the business given the prevailing circumstances and condition. Finally, this case report will come up with an action plan with critical Steps, potential problem identified above and a contingency plan for each step in the action plan. This will be tabulated for ease of analysis and better understanding of the scenario. It is of vital importance to note that all these are aimed at helping LRR expand its coffee business in the most profitable manner that is both customer friendly and management friendly. Situational Analysis LRR is a chain of small retail coffee shops that offer a variety of light foods and beverages. The business outlet started as a retail business in 1995. It is located in various places such as Byron, Covent Garden Market, London Central Library, and London Provincial Courthouse. It also operates in Springbuck, St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital, The renaissance and Wortley village. The business offers coffees, tea, gourmet beverages, breakfast, light lunches and snacks. The company has been in business for eight years (seventeen years by now) and continues to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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