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CSR of Costa Coffee Institution Instructor Date CSR of Costa Coffee In the last few years, the coffee making industry has been vigorous in terms of monumental changes in the backdrop of coffee brewing corporations. These modifications range from acquisitions and mergers to modifying consumer tastes and eventually, to various branding strategies…
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CSR of Costa Coffee
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Download file to see previous pages Costa coffee is an international coffeehouse corporation, which is based in Dunstable, UK. It is an entirely owned contributory of Whitebread and is the biggest coffeehouse chain in the UK and second-biggest in the world (Harford, 2012, P. 54). The company operates in 1175 channels, and as of January 2011, it was the biggest British channel in terms of stores. Globally, costa coffee operates in 442 outlets all over the world, in 28 nations. The company has introduced a brand known as costa express, which is formed by a coffee channel of self-service bars. After Whitbread acquired Coffee Nation, which is a procession of coffee machines, the nine hundred Coffee Nation machines will be substituted and re-named as costa Express. Costa coffee has acquired its roaster and hires the only three Italian superior Roasters in the United Kingdom. The mixture served in vend stores is called Mocha Italia and comprises of six sections Arabica beans and one section robusta beans (British Retail Consortium, 2006, P.1). The Costa Coffee product already has a first class ranking in all its market ventures. It is nearly the main profit giver of the corporation in the extensive markets of the United Kingdom. ...
In addition, the strategies the company is using are questionable concerning if they provide more effectual results than other companies in terms of obtaining company name reputation (Enz, 2009, P.34). Corporate responsibility is an extremely crucial element for all businesses as it determines the reputation of a business and thus, profitability and development. It is indispensable for companies in food production to be socially responsible. This is because they are in a highly sensitive sector, which requires careful handling of both the products and customers. It is particularly valuable for companies in food production sectors, to ensure that they produce sufficient information concerning how they are socially responsible (Lury, 2011, P.17). The studies, undertaken by corporate social responsibility researchers have criticized the sustainability qualifications of Costa Coffee in areas such as recycling and waste. The study has shown that Costa Coffee gave most of its information, but did not offer a UK breakdown of its corporate social responsibility international report. The report discovered that Costa Coffee, which is possessed by Whitbread, operated better in its ventures but did not succeed in replying to requests for corporate social responsibility information. Costa Coffee also did not reveal information for its carbon tracks, but rather its environmental information is stated as section of the parent company (Lury, 204, P.37). Disclosing corporate social responsibility report is not only valuable for the purposes of fulfilling legal requirements, but also to increase customer confidence and reputation of the company. Costa Coffee customers and other potential customers are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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