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Individual Assignment: Personal Creativity Assessment - Essay Example

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PERSONAL CREATIVITY ASSESSMENT Name Institution Tutor Date Continuous changes, competition and an ever demanding operating environment has made the ability of companies to innovate crucial for their long-term success (Klijn and Tomic, 2010, p. 322). They explain that innovation in this context is critical and results from a desire for growth, profitability and to adapt to the ever changing needs of the customers…
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Individual Assignment: Personal Creativity Assessment
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"Individual Assignment: Personal Creativity Assessment"

Download file to see previous pages Innovation is not only limited to the business world but has accomplished as people try to solve different types of problems facing mankind. Given that creativity precedes innovation this paper aims at carrying out an individual assessment of my creativity and how this has influenced others towards some positive change (Mercanti-Guerin, 2008, p. 98). The paper will hence be based on personal experiences in school and a creative program I helped initiate that would raise funds for the poor students in schools in addition to motivating them to excel in their academics. Definition of Creativity Klijn and Tomic (2010, p. 323) observe that there are two main definitions for creativity. They first describe creativity as the creation of new and useful solutions or ideas. The second definition is that creativity is a mental process which allows people think up new and helpful ideas. Personal creativity is measured by assessments and questionnaires of ones creative outcomes (Klijn and Tomic, 2010, p. 323). Most theories of creativity relate emotional change as a result of social change to creativity (Klijn and Tomic, 2010, p. 324). These theories argue that positive change results in cognitive variation which invokes creativity (Amabile et al., 2005, p. 367). They argued that diverse influences can trigger a dynamic process of increasingly or decreasingly positive impact on creativity. There are three components which are relevant to the creativity process as explained by (Klijn and Tomic, 2010, p. 323). They listed the first component as the domain of relevant skills. This consists of knowledge, practical skills and talent in a particular domain. The first component is usually developed through work experience or education. The second component in the creativity process involves having the creativity appropriate skills which includes cognitive reasoning style, relevant work styles and personal qualities (Klijn and Tomic, 2010, p. 323). The third influencing factor in the creativity process is the intrinsic job motivation and it represents personal attitudes in regard to a task. They note that intrinsic job motivation interacts with the social external environment within which an individual operates (Brophy, 2001, p. 439). More recently a new model in creativity has been developed which states that cultural integration has a positive influence on the shared mental models and the performance of employees thereby enhancing creativity (Borghini, 2005, p. 33). There are various traits that have been outlined for individuals who are creative (Klijn and Tomic, 2010, p. 323). These include sensitivity to problems, wide interests, value for aesthetic qualities, and independence in judgment, autonomy and self-confidence. Rice (2006, p. 235) also added that creative persons have self direction, stimulation, persistence and a drive towards achievement. She however adds that intelligence is an important component in creativity but is not a necessity in creativity. This is also supported by a study by Sternberg and O'Hara (2000, p. 610) who found that creativity and personal intelligence are only weakly correlated. These findings are critical in that they will give hope to those people who think that they have to be at the top of the class in order to be creative. Creativity is usually an integration of various traits which can be found ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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