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Property Business Skills - Term Paper Example

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The opening of the thesis report consists of the five skills which the researcher has gained and are presentable to the employer. They are self management skills; emotional competence; negotiation skills; communication competence; positive attitude…
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Property Business Skills
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Download file to see previous pages This study will begin with the self management skills. They are necessary as the researcher has to at first manage the competencies of himself, so that he can easily use his skills and make the strategies for achieving the objective and goals. The researcher has developed the skill in the workshops which were included in the course works. Self management skill is such a skill; he can also present it to his employer as it would help him and in turn the company to achieve the objectives easily as the researcher would be able to developing himself and utilize the resources available to him optimally. For being successful a person has to control his emotion. He should have the ability to control himself whether he should express or restrict his feelings in certain situation. One should think about what would be the affect of the expression of his on others in a specific situation. The researcher has learned how to deal with the emotions of himself in the workshop that has taken place during the course work. It is necessary for whom when the researcher will negotiate with a person about the property dealing. When it is necessary to express my emotion and when it would be good to control it, that would be help me to get success in my business and in the company. Negotiation skill is another necessary skill which a person should have when he is in the business of property dealing and the researcher have gained the skill through the workshop that was part of the course work. During the practical implication we have to do mock negotiations and I have effectively done that. In any type of business where I have to sale a good or any service then it is necessary for me that I have the negotiation skill so that I can gain maximum profit from the transfer which would be effective for any organization. Communication Competence When a person want to make any deal successfully then it is necessary for him to communicate with the other person successfully. Communication doesn’t only mean the language problem, but also it includes the gestures in the communication. When the two parties can communicate properly then a good deal can be made. I have acquired necessary knowledge about communication in the course work when I have to make mock deals with the persons who speak different language. Positive Attitude Attitude is the most important thing when I have to make a deal with some other person. If I have the negative attitude then it is really tough to make the deal, the person who is going to buy the property he would have some negative thinking about the property. But the positive attitude in the dealer would be able to inject the attitude in the person who is there to buy the property. I had the positive attitude before I have joined the course but I have developed it with the practical works during the course work. Various Approaches to Alternative Dispute Resolution Alternative Dispute Resolution includes the process and techniques for solving the issues regarding the property disputes. Through the methods the parties come to an agreement which is alternative to legal court hearing. The process has become popular now days as the legal process is not included in the process, so the cost would be less for the two parties. The traditions of Alternative dispute resolution vary from country to country though the processes can be divided in four types. These are as follows. Negotiation: Negotiation is the process through which the two parties reached in an understanding about the disputed property. The parties negotiate for the advantage of the both the parties for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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