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Ethical perspectives: Alahmad, Freidman vs Drucker, Murphy - Essay Example

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The researcher of this paper tells that the concept of business management has transformed significantly over the last few years. New ideas have generated in the mode of operation of the business and the idea of ethics has crept in the business. …
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Ethical perspectives: Alahmad, Freidman vs Drucker, Murphy
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Extract of sample "Ethical perspectives: Alahmad, Freidman vs Drucker, Murphy"

Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that in view of the importance of ethics in business environment, a study was conducted by Alahmad to specify an international code of ethics for leaderships. As the ethical guidelines in any business organization is framed by the business leaders, so specifying the codes of ethics for the leaders is an important concept. The leadership styles of different leaders vary significantly across business organizations. The leadership style is highly dependent upon the culture of the place in which the business organization operates. Setting up a common code in matters of ethics for the leaders in business organization thus appears challenging. According to the researcher, main frame for the code of leadership is based on attributes of honesty, truth, respect, punctuality, judgmental, humble and dignity. Adherence to such practice by the leaders will give rise to ethical leadership in the organization and the business will strictly follow the ethics. In order to introduce the concept of ethical leaderships in the international arena much stress was also provided by the United Nations through their peace and governance program, besides the United Nations also established the ethics office in order to regulate the practice of ethics on organizations. In matters of international code of ethics, the leaders of the organizations are expected to be truthful to the society as well as to the customers regarding the products and services offered by them. Thus honesty and truth are important consideration which business houses needs to adopt in order to set an environment of ethics in their business. Punctuality is also a quality which has been held as necessary in setting an ethical environment in business organizations It shows the value which the organization has for others and for the overall organization. The attribute of a leader whether he is judge mental or not also guides the ethics within an organization. It is necessary for the leaders to interpret matters correctly before imposing a decision on employees. The leaders in the organization needs to be careful that their decisions may harm the others and create obstacles and there lies the importance to understand the issue correctly so an ethics is also maintained in the decision making process of the leaders and no biasness arises in the decision provided by them. The leaders are also expected to be humble and pay dignity and treat others in an ethical manner (Alahamad, 2010, pp.31-35). Freidman’s view regarding ethical consideration: A contrary view was imposed by Freidman regarding ethics in the business organization. According to him the objectives of any business organization is only seeking maximum profitability. The business organizations do not have any social responsibilities and it is only the people who can have such responsibilities towards the development of the society. He also specified that business or a corporation is an artificial person and so has some artificial responsibility to carry out but overall business does not have any liability to be responsible. The corporate employees in any business organizations has the responsibility to carry out the task assigned by the employers and unless the business does not have any objective of delivering the needs of the society, the employees in the organizat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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