We Make Widgets Inc. Case Study - Essay Example

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We Make Widgets Inc. Case Study.
This paper analyzes the three executives of We Make Widgets Inc. It carefully analyzes the individual via examining their personal life and professional life. …
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We Make Widgets Inc. Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages Thus by applying various concepts of organizational behavior and psychology, we have dissected the problem each individual is facing and devised a solution to help each professional overcome the problems. The paper also provides a proactive solution for the organization to avoid any such issues with other employees. The proactive solution devises the formation of a new department known as the personal counseling department. Last but not the least, the paper provides basic input on how an employee can create a balance between their personal life and their work life. Hence this paper is not only the dissection of the given case but also a matter of consideration for every organization as any organization can face such issues. Analysis and Questions for the 3 Executives at “We Make Widgets Inc” Before devising a set of questions for each executive it is important to analyze the characteristics of the individual and other facts related to the executive given in the case. Below we will develop a separate fact analysis and a set of questions for each individual. Fact Analysis for CEO Maria Visionaria As per the information given in the case, the leadership style of Maria is inspiring thus leading us to the analysis that Maria Visionaria is depicted to be a kind of charismatic leader by her employees. Another fact states that Maria has been working continuously without taking a break or a vacation. This helps us analyze the fact that Maria’s devotion to her work has transformed her into a workaholic which has led to deterioration of Maria’s physical and mental health. On the face of it, it might sound a simple statement but we have to dig in deep into the causes of stress which will help us develop a set of Questions for Maria. Set of Questions for CEO Maria Visonaria As per fact analysis it is best to address Maria with Personal Questions relating to family, friends and personal relationships and situational questions i.e. how she would react under a set of different circumstances. Fact Analysis for COO Mujibar Delhi As per the case information, Mujibar is also an effective leader for the company but is currently suffering from a state of emotional imbalance. His mind is currently suffering from internal conflicts as he has to choose between his priorities and priorities of his family. Another thing important to note here is that Mujibar is suffering from “forgetfulness”. This might be due to high level of stress but requires investigation as it can be something more than that. Hence for Mujibar we have to create a three dimensional question set. Set of Questions for COO Mujibar Delhi It is advisable to address Mujibar Delhi with questions related to his current happenings to get to the reason of his forgetfulness. The set of questions will include questions having emotional, situational & mental appeal. Fact Analysis for CFO Wanda Sharp Wanda Sharp, another example of a brilliant leader but the problem is where her self-centrism comes which in common words is known as selfishness. Scientifically or as per Freud we can say her Id is stronger than her Ego. This will eventually pose a threat to her employees, as she disregards their work and claims to be the only reason of success. Employees can be de motivated and organization can suffer in the long run. She is also having a family problem relating to her son, in which she again takes self-pity by having feelings like why did he do that to me? Etc. Set of Questions for Wanda Sharp For Wanda, the best combination of questions will constitute of questions relating to personality, self assessment and behavior. Such questions will help ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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