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This research aims to evaluate and present business operations management by Tesco; business process plan in order to deal with the environmental or technological change; environmental or technological change being faced by Tesco…
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Business Operations Management By Tesco
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that Tesco has been operating in retail industry of UK and has been one of the best UK retailers. Increasing competition and changing environment have resulted in putting extra pressure on the retailer to manage the overall operations in effective and efficient manner. In this regard, the most important element is to understand the operations management and the essentials components for effective business operations management. In the case of Tesco, the main aim or focus of all operations of the retail organisation is to make sure that all products are provided to the customers on time according to their needs and requirements. For this purpose, it is first important to identify the essential components for the effective business operations management. The essential components of the business operations for any departmental or retail organisation are divided into three categories i.e. input, processes, and output. Some of the most common inputs in this regard are: products for sale, information, sales staff at the retail outlet, and the customers. The important processes are of procurement and storage of the products, displaying products, providing advices for sales or purchase, and selling products. Lastly, the output is satisfying the needs and requirements of the customers by providing them with required products and goods. These activities of retail organisation constitute the overall supply chain. ...
BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT AND SYSTEMS APPROACH: In order to understand the business process management, first it is important to comprehend what is meant by the process. The process is believed to be an approach or method of converting the inputs into outputs. Processes are different actions or tasks which facilitate the conversion of inputs into outputs. This approach of process has been derived from the systems approach of the business. In the systems approach of business, three most important factors are inputs, transferring processes, and outputs. In order to improve the overall business system there is continuous flow of information and feedback (Zairi, 1997). (Barlow, 2005) Business process management is the method of analysing and improving the important tasks and activities of the organisation which convert the inputs into outputs. These activities or functions include production, communication, marketing, procurement, and several other important factors of the overall operations of the organisation (Barlow, 2005). Organisations are getting more concerned about the business process management in order to become more customer focused and to be able to respond to the changing needs and requirements of the target customers in more effective and efficient manner (Krajewski, Ritzman, & Malhorta, 2007). Business process management is all about improving the overall operations and processes of the organisation by optimising the resources available and minimising the impacts of different external and internal elements on the output and productivity (Barlow, 2005). IMPORTANCE OF EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT IN BUSINESS OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: Organisations are conducting their businesses in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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