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Celebrity Endorsements in U.K. Retailing: The Case of Kate Moss - Dissertation Example

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The paper focused on the case of Kate Moss and the Topshop as an excellent example of the positive impacts of celebrity endorsements, and thus come to an understanding of the power and influences that celebrities have over the common people proving beneficial for strategic marketing of products. …
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Celebrity Endorsements in U.K. Retailing: The Case of Kate Moss
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Download file to see previous pages s, and thus come to an understanding of the power and influences that celebrities have over the common people proving beneficial for strategic marketing of products. A comparison of the Topshop with other brands like Rimmel London and L’Oreal also proved significant in learning how a celebrity endorsement works. Table of Contents Serial No. Topic Page No. 1. Introduction 12 1.1. Overview on an Academic Context 12 1.2. Aims and Objectives 14 1.2.1. Objectives 14 2. Literature Review 16 2.1. Strategic Management 16 2.2. Celebrity Endorsement: The Meaning 16 2.3. The Effective Features of Celebrities Affecting the Endorsements of Products 16 2.4. The Increasing Use of Celebrity 17 2.5. Importance of Product Endorsement 17 2.6. Benefits of Celebrity Product Endorsements 18 2.7. Celebrities Endorsing More Than a Single Product 19 2.8. Celebrity Endorsements: The Use and the Importance Combined 20 2.9. Celebrity Endorsements and Ethnicity 21 2.10. Celebrity Endorsements and the Success of a Company 22 2.11. Literature Study: A Brief View 25 3. Research Methodology 27 3.1. Introduction 28 3.2. Aims 28 3.3. Objectives 29 3.4. Research Philosophy 29 3.4.1. The Types of Philosophies Available for Research Study 29 3.4.2. Determining a Research Philosophy for the Study 30 3.5. Research Approach and Technique 31 3.5.1. Approach Based on Hypothesis 31 3.5.2. Nature of the Study: Meaning and Relevance in the Particular Study 31 3.6. Sources and Collection of Data 32 3.6.1. Understanding the Types of Data 32 3.6.2. Choosing the Appropriate Technique for Selection of Data 32 3.7. Ethics 34 3.7.1. The Need for Maintaining Ethics in the Study 34 3.7.2. Ethical Considerations for the Particular Study 34 3.8. Credibility and Verification 35 3.9. Research Limitations 36 4. Findings:...
This essay discusses that when a marketing plan is decided by an organization, it is always best supported by the strategies that the management of the organization follows. A strategic marketing plan focuses on making use of the finest measures available to successfully implement their marketing of products or services. Thus companies tend to use innovative measures to gain competitive advantage over their competitors. Particularly, in the present times of huge competition, it is highly essential that companies bring out such strategies in their marketing policies that can attract greater number of customers against the competitive companies. Thus an effective strategy for the purpose of “long term development” becomes significant for any company planning to market its products. Strategic marketing can thus be understood to be an essential part and a significant role that the marketing team of any company needs to focus upon in order to achieve the goals of sales and promotion. Through a planning of strategic marketing, those marketing policies are tried to be determined that the customers have in their preferences and acceptance. It includes utilizing the available resources of the organization as well as involving such individuals who would be able to create a position of the product in the minds of the consumers affecting the sale of the products positively. Sales promotion and advertising are highly essential parts of strategic marketing since these enhance the chances of the products being noticed by the consumers more than otherwise. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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