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Business Plan for Room for Dessert - Admission/Application Essay Example

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According to a research it was found that the Room For Dessert company had set certain objectives to grow within the time span of 1997 to 2002 in the US. The objective of the company in that period of time was to open up new units within the national territory. It also focused on geographical expansion. …
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Business Plan for Room for Dessert
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that the business plan provided by the Room For Dessert (RFD) to grow further has covered almost every aspects or criteria of a business plan framework. Room For Dessert produced the business plan to get funds for the organizational growth and expansion with various new strategies. As a document, the business plan was impressive and appealing. It had included almost everything starting from the executive summary to the financial plans which could easily attract a sponsor’s confidence. However, the business plan had certain weaknesses as well. The plan given by the company had several objectives set by the company for further expansion. The company had followed the exact structure of the business plan as they had included the description of their business and how they work to make the idea clear about the company’s business plan to the sponsors. The company had also mentioned their target customers and market in that period of time and they had also cited the future targeted markets, as well as consumers. They had shown the factors in the plan which made them different from the other companies in the same field. The business plan had a proper analysis of the industry in which they were working. They had also put the proposed strategies to grow further in the market and they had also mentioned one of the most important aspects of a business plan to raise fund, which was the financial plan or structure of the company for the future prospect. With all such positivity, the business plan had certain weaknesses as well. The business plan and the objective written in the plan were contradictory to each other. For instance, the company had set the objective of low investment cost, and at the same time the company had planned to operate beyond mid night which would easily increase the pressure on the workers, and the performance level would get hampered. It would harm the company performance and quality. To avoid these factors, the company could have focused on the job rotation or shifts where the number of workers would increase and the company would have to raise the investment cost. The business plan had also focused on the target customers who were earning more than US$52,000 in household income, which ascertains that the company would serve to a niche market of the society. They had mentioned the facts regarding geographic expansion where as at the same time they had set the objective to spread within the national territory where they could have gone beyond the national boundary to gain more profit (Lassiter and Roberts). Suggestions to Improve the Document The document of the business plan had certain strengths, as well as certain drawbacks. There could be certain specific improvements in the business plan of the company to avoid any conflicts and weaknesses. According to the business plan, the company was only targeting a niche segment of the society where they could have targeted other segments of the society as well. It would give the company more profitability and popularity. The company had planned to limit its operations within the nation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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