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How top managements vision can be translated into operational goals and why this is important - Essay Example

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The paper operates mainly based on research questions which can be stated as follows: How top managements vision can be translated into operational goals and why this is important? How an organization that has experienced a virtuous spiral compares with the concepts presented in "Treat People Right"?…
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How top managements vision can be translated into operational goals and why this is important
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Extract of sample "How top managements vision can be translated into operational goals and why this is important"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that in order to benefit from the vision of their top managements, organizations should translate this vision into operational goals. This can be achieved by applying a lot of management practices that are very specific. One tool for ensuring this is done is a scorecard. According to Kaplan and Norton, a scorecard helps managers of a company to clarify their vision for the firm and translate it into measurable objectives and actions that can be understood by employees. This also includes objectives that will enable the organization to balance and respond to the concerns of its stakeholders. The conversion of the vision of top management into operational goals is important because if articulated with effective strategies that are properly executed, it can provide one important way through which an organization can control its destiny. From the developed objectives, the management will be able to develop specific, workable strategies to support these objectives. These strategies will touch both on primary and secondary management practices, deal with strategy paradox and guide on responsible restructuring. The translation of this vision into specific objectives that are unambiguous to the employees means the employees of the organizations will be in position to align their actions and efforts toward the achievement of core objectives/business of the organization. Generally, it provides a list of operational measures that act as powerful drivers, good for future financial performance. References Kaplan, R. and Norton, D. (1996). The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action. (1st Ed). Havard. Harvard Business Review Press. An organization that has experienced a virtuous spiral and how it compares with the concepts presented in "Treat People Right" An example of an organization that has experienced a virtuous growth is Southwest Airlines and an examination of its situation shows a high correlation to the concepts presented in "Treat People Right". In this book, Lawler explains how individuals and organizations are interdependent in that they can propel each other into a virtuous spiral of success. He explains that organizations that value and reward their employees motivate them to perform better and this in turn pushes the organization to attain greater levels of accomplishments in agreement with Helge (2006). There is an adequate implementation of the 7 principles outlined in Treating People Right in Southwest Airlines and the company has achieved impressive results because of this. Lawler (2004) explains that the company is a people focused organization that always seeks quality relationship with its employees and identifies its people as its competitive advantage. The Airline has placed an emphasis on careful selection of employees, developing a work environment that is employee-friendly, giving employees the autonomy to control their work and jobs, stock ownership and profit sharing for all employees, and providing them with opportunities for growth, development and advancement within the organization. The outcome of this has been excellent customer service which is important for airlines because it influences the attitude of customers toward the company. It has also led to the elimination of the hostile labor relationship common in all other major airlines. Despite being highly unionized, the Airline has never had a strike and this has improved its image in the market. It is mentioned both by employees and customers as one of the best workplaces. References Helge, D. (2006). “Employee Motivation, Engagement & Retention - Use Corporate Culture to Overcome Negativity.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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