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Human Resource Management of Presto Manufacturing Company - Essay Example

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The present case is reflects some major issues which a human resource department of Presto Manufacturing Company is facing currently, which have hampered the overall departmental performance. Human resource is an important aspect of the organisation…
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Human Resource Management of Presto Manufacturing Company
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Download file to see previous pages The dispute between the two is quite frequent. Tony Krass: He is specifically critical of Wesley Johnson’s quality of work. He is also involved with discussions over departmental issues. Overall he unnecessarily involves himself in issues the responsibility of which is not conferred upon him by his managers. Jack Burns: Robinson suspects him of making excuses such as illness of wife so as to be able to spend time in leisure activities. He also arrived late and stated an excuse of over-sleeping. The Trainee: Appears to be in conflict with two fellow operators. He once accused John Walker and Joe Ridley that they are giving him troubles such as hiding his safety glasses. In another instance explaining his late appearance, claimed to have been locked in the toilets. Next day asks for early leave and appeared upset but did not explain the reasons. Remained absent the following day without any notification. Phil Graham: Asked only once for break for doctor’s appointment. On the objection of Robinson (department manager) he claimed to be able to get appointment at that time only. Despite these problems Semi-finished department faces other issues as well: Complaint from the Final Assembly department supervisor Brenda regarding the quality of their products and unmet production targets every week that has affected her department’s bonus. Reject Rate is consistently at 5% which is unacceptable by the Quality manager. The conflicts between the two departments- Semi-finished department and Final Assembly department due to the rejection rate of 5% in semi-finished products during the last three consignments which in turn have resulted in unmet targets by Final Assembly department. Lowering of work levels evident from increased defect rates at an...
This paper focuses upon organisational conflict as a conflict within the organisation which normally occurs due to any type of misunderstanding, any type of noncooperation or breakdown of organisational structure etc among the employees of the organisation. Conflicts can arise at various levels like conflicts among the individual employees or group of employees which are generally termed as inter-personal and inter-group conflicts. There may be a variety of reasons behind the organisational conflicts but the most important reasons are economic reasons, value and power. The economic reasons or economic conflict as it is famously known as signifies attempt to achieve higher gain. Every individual attempt to achieve higher gain and in doing so many times their motives and actions clashes with others which creates a conflict. Change in values, principles, ideologies and practices. As the principles and values of an individual guide the action of the individual therefore difference in values and ideologies often creates conflicts. Another major reason behind conflicts is power. In an organisation many times employees desire to attain more power by maximising the influence and control over others. Thus the tension which generally occurs while struggling for attaining more power creates conflicts. Apart from difference in values, power attainment and economic reasons miscommunication often creates misunderstanding which gives rise to a lot of conflicts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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