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Company offering digital audio book services to the King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia - Coursework Example

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This research aims to evaluate and present business plan for an imaginary company which basic product will be to offer audio and digital books for the students of the universities especially for the students from the developed and developing countries. …
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Company offering digital audio book services to the King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia
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Extract of sample "Company offering digital audio book services to the King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher demonstrates the company that will be offering digital audio book services to the King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia. University operates under the control of government and is one of the leading universities in the region. University has a large library and is willing to digitalize the books in order to reduce the costs as well as the storage capacity. Our firm will therefore offer the services of digitalizing the books and will deliver the same through a website based services to students of the university. This company will be a joint venture between our company and the University of King Abdul Aziz in Saudi Arabia. Company will operate as a joint venture with the university in order to develop audio-book services for the students of the university. The overall aim of the firm is to persuade the universities to build a long term relationship with our firms so that the cost effective services can be offered to them. Further, firm also intends to develop a brand image which can persuade students to purchase our low cost books in place of traditional paper based books for study purposes. We are a new firm with the very limited resources and will be operating as a partnership firm. The firm will be engaged into the business of developing digital products for the educational institutions in order to help them to lower the costs for their students. There will be three partners involved in the overall ownership and organization of the firm. Each partner will be contributing capital as well as the manpower to the organization in order to help the firm to grow and expand....
Thus the aim of this firm is to lower the cost of study through effective e-commerce solutions.( Epstein, 2004) It is also important to note that our mission statement is focused upon developing technologies which can help to transform conventional paper based books to audio ebooks to make learning easy for the students. The digitalization of the books therefore will allow the students to easily get as many copies of the books as they want and can use them in a relatively easier and different manner. Organizational Structure There will be four departments within the firm with one CEO controlling the overall affairs of the organization. Following departments will be directly reporting to CEO: 1. Production 2. Finance 3. Innovations 4. Legal department There will also be a market manager who will also be directly reporting to the CEO of the firm. Overall the structure will be centralized with CEO controlling most of the affairs of the firm. King Abdul Aziz University King Abdul Aziz University is one of the leading universities in Saudi Arabia and has flourished over the period of time. Founded in 1967 under the private ownership, university was overtaken by Government of Saudi Arabia. University now operates under the control of Ministry of Higher education of Saudi Arabia and gets it funding from government to finance its activities.1 One of the key requirements for the university is to have a well-established library to allow its students to have an access to the latest books and other material for study and research purposes. Over the period of time, universities from developed countries have made the efforts to digitalize their books in order to increase their portability as well as availability. Delivered through internet, these audio e-books allow students ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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