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Marketing Strategies of Goodbar and its Impact on Consumer Behavior - Research Paper Example

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Mr. Goodbar, a well known brand of Hershey’s chocolate, is a chocolate bar that has been chosen to carry out the qualitative research on consumer behavior towards the chocolate bar . …
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Marketing Strategies of Goodbar and its Impact on Consumer Behavior
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Extract of sample "Marketing Strategies of Goodbar and its Impact on Consumer Behavior"

Download file to see previous pages This research would help in identifying the areas where mr.Goodbar’s marketing strategies are effective and where they are lacking in order to influence consumer behavior.
Research Methods Comparison
For this research paper, three different indepth qualitative research techniques were utilized, i.e. focus group interviews, face to face individual interviews and online research interviews. These three qualitative research techniques are discussed in this section along with their difference with each other, effectiveness in achieving the research objectives and goals, difficulties that might arise by using each of these techniques and their effectiveness in achieving the goals and objectives of present research study.
Focus Group
Focus group interviews enables a Researcher to act as a moderator and present a situation or case in front of limited number of respondents sitting together. Critics are of the view that focus groups are not an interview rather a discussion that provides handy information and point of views from the respondents’ side to the Researcher. It’s a general perception that the information retrieved from focus group interviews can not be used to conclude the study but it can be used for generating more useful ideas that can be utilized for concluding the research study.
Majority of the Researchers use focus group interviews to achieve understanding of general ideas and thoughts about a product that is to be launched in the market and how useful respondents think, the product will be in providing solutions to customers’ needs and wants. The biggest advantage of focus group interviews is that they help the Researcher to observe the reaction of the responses under given conditions and make note of high and low points of responses within the group2 (Blankenship, Breen and Dutka 1998). Face to Face Individual Interviews Face to face individual interviews enables the Researcher to communicate personally with the respondents and collect more in-depth information regarding respondents’ personal vies regarding the topic under discussion. The biggest advantage of conducting face to face individual interviews is that it helps the Researcher to collect information in greater detail and allows him or her to ask counter questions in order to create detailed understanding regarding the issues. Face to face interviews also creates easiness for the respondents to share their views in detail and elaborate their responses according to the tone of the discussion shaping up. Researcher also can acquire further information from the body language of the respondents. One of the major disadvantages of face to face interviews is that they are time consuming and requires more money as compare to other methods3 (Muise and Olson 2007). Online Research ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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