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Organizational Change And Development - Essay Example

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Cross cultural business brought many changes in organizational world. The development of diverse workforce is one among them. Organizations are undergoing rapid changes at present. This paper analyses different perspectives on organizational changes…
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Organizational Change And Development
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Download file to see previous pages Different perspectives on organizational changes According to Grieves (2010), “The phrase change intervention refers to change actions taken at strategic level to help an organization become more effective” (Grieves, 2010, p.7). Competition is growing day by day because of various reasons and it is necessary for the organizations to device new methods to counter competition. An organization which fails to implement adequate changes in its structure and functioning may struggle to survive in this heavily competitive and highly advanced organizational world. For example Nokia was the leader in the Mobile phone market up to a couple of years before. However, they are not so at present because of the intrusion of smartphones from Apple, Samsung etc. In other words, Nokia failed to implement timely changes in its product ranges and as a result of that they lost considerable market share in mobile phone market. It should be noted that even in normal situation, goal conflict exists between firm (owners) and its employees, but the magnitude and intensity of this conflict is very low and so it is hidden, we call this ‘goal difference’, and both parties (firm & employees) accept each other’s goals. In a strategic and major change program, firms alter their goals, which result in shifting and increasing their focus towards new goals. The shift in focus and increased commitment of firm towards attaining its new goals, increase the magnitude and intensity of goal conflict and it become very difficult for both parties to accept each other’s goals (Khan and Rehman, n. d) The interests of the organization and that of the employees are always travelling in opposite directions. Employees want to reduce their workloads as much as possible whereas the...
This report stresses that periodical changes are necessary for the organizations to survive in an ever changing market. Structural, functional, developmental, transitional and transformational changes are necessary for the organizations to cater the needs of the changing business world. Many of the traditional business and organizational principles are no longer effective under the current system of business. Because of the huge advancements in science and technology and the subsequent developments in human life, the needs of the needs of the current generation are entirely different from that of the generations in the past. Only those companies which are able to cater the needs of the present generation may survive in the market. In short, organizational changes are unavoidable for an organization which tries to stay in the present heavily globalized market.
This essay makes a conclusion that values and valorizations are important terms in the corporate world at present because of the increasing awareness about the public about sustainable business practices. It is impossible for a current organization to exploit community resources as much as possible and provide nothing in return to the communities. Current generation knows the importance of protecting our environment and they deals only with the companies which have good track record of exhibiting social responsibility. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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