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Strategy for Expansion in Mexico - Essay Example

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This study looks into the expansion process which is aimed at increasing the number of the international students. The analysis of the strategies which the college should undertake during the expansion has been considered along with the macro environmental factors. …
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Strategy for Expansion in Mexico
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Download file to see previous pages It is evident from the study that in the analysis of the macro environment of Mexico, various factors which have been considered are the political, economic, social, and technological conditions present in the country. The overall analysis of the factors has been carried out to understand the feasibility of the expansion of the University in a different country and to critically analyze the favorable factors and the associated difficulties with the expansion plan. Mexico has a federal republic government, and the first republic was established in the year 1824. The overall administration of the country is divided under various subdivisions consisting of 31 states and a federal district. The prominent political parties in action are the Institutional Revolutionary party and the National action Party. Other than these two parties there are various small parties which operate in the country. The judiciary of the country is also divided into federal and the state court systems. Various educational reforms have also occurred in the country and the most significant of them is the educational reform in the state of Aguascalientes. The new system of education was introduced in the year 1920. Under the new system, the public education system in the country involved a massive change. More decentralization of education system was effected in the state. The role and the supervision of the school inspectors also involved a radical change. The number of days of the classes in the school was increased considerably and the government made an effort to improve the educational system in the country. The educational reform brought by the political party introduced English language and computers in the schools of Mexico for the very first time. The government of the country was determined to increase the quality of education in the country and this appeared to be a significant step. In order to raise the level of education, special training of the teachers was also conducted. Such reforms had a dramatic improvement in the education sector of the country as the number of school completion reflected an increase in rate (Cordoba, n. d) Economic factors: The economy of the country has been affected in the period of recession, however in the recent years; the country has experienced impressive growth in its economy. The low cost of labor in Mexico has been significant enough to gain such profit in the country. The countries link up with the NAFTA agreement has been also crucial in its economic success. Based on the overall economy of the country, Mexico has been positioned as a country with middle level of income. The average growth of the country also has satisfactory figures. The quick rate of recovery of the United States also helped the country to revive the economic condition after the recession period was over. In matters of trade, the United States has been the country in which Mexico exports and imports the maximum and the dependence over the US trade is quite notable. Mexico has a free market economy with the domination of various private sectors in the market (Klepak, 2008). However the income distribution in the country is largely unequal. The service sector and the industrial sectors of the country are the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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