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Business ethics in promotion of alcohol based products - Essay Example

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The present essay will try to give a critical analysis of the aspect of ethics in promotion of alcohol based products so as to have a comprehensive analysis of the topic. The aspect of marketing and advertising of alcoholic products has been a subject matter of debate over the years…
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Business ethics in promotion of alcohol based products
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the age of globalisation has virtually put organizations into head on competition against each other. Firms are trying to outpace each other using a mix of different strategies and varying products to understand the needs of the consumers and deliver them accordingly. Firms are essentially trying out various strategies in order to not only attract new consumers but to also retain the existing ones. The role of marketing communication and advertising assumes prime importance in this regard with the former being a media for transmitting the message from the companies to the target customers. The advent of multiple channels including the online channels has led to greater importance and scope of this aspect in marketing of goods and services. The aspect of marketing communications has however been a subject matter of debate with regards to the aspect of ethics in advertising. It has been stated that marketers in an attempt to outpace their competitors and to generate greater attractiveness often indulge in unethical activities. The present study would analyse the ethical aspects that are into consideration in case of marketing of alcohol based products. The aspect of ethics in case of alcohol based products assumes considerable significance as the product is perceived as a threat for the health and there are various social stigmas attached to alcohol based products. This makes the promotion of these products a matter of debate. There are many nations like India that have completely banned any form of promotions with regards to alcohol or tobacco based products using any form of communication. However protagonist state that there is nothing unethical in marketing alcohol based products as they generate revenue and the livelihoods of a large number of individuals depend on the profitability of these companies. They argue that these are one of the most highly taxed products and hence it is nothing unethical about these companies unless they violate the aspect privacy of individuals. Business organization on their part state that they have various community development programs that can help provide them with a socially responsible image. Companies are also putting up statutory warnings on products and commercials in order to make individuals aware of the ill effects of drinking. Critiques however slam this move and state that in spite of all such efforts and tall claims the business organizations are only engaged into profit making and do not have any other motive. Given the size of this industry they state that it has a lucrative opportunity to gain billions of dollars for the industry. They state that advertisements are normally made for promoting products among the customers and given the ill effects and the nature of alcoholic beverages it is not justified to have these products being promoted so as to pull customers and make them indulge into this habit. The effect of these commercials on students and kids along with the growing number of use of alcohol among kids has also been stated as an example to showcase the unethical aspects in the promotion of alcohol based products. The present essay will try to give a critical analysis of the aspect of ethics in promotion of alcohol based products so as to have a comprehensive analysis of the topic. Analysis and Discussion The aspect of marketing and advertising of alcoholic products has been a subject matter of debate over the years. The issue amounts significance considering the fact that alcohol is considered injurious to health and worldwide organizations like WHO have effectively stated that alcohol consumption is injurious to health. Alcohol also has other bad effects including the fact that alcohol consumption has led to major accidents. Various studies conducted in this aspect have shown that the consumption of alcohol and its after ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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