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Spice-Trail Oriental Condiments and Relishes - Assignment Example

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The Spice Trail Oriental Condiments and Relishes was set up in way back in 1992 by a group of six friends, Pritpal Ghuptra, Kim Fung, Mehwish Nagi, Paul, Usmann Adid and Sarah Bowers. With much research they finally decided to start its business of spice. In 1992 the company secured financial baking with one of the investment bank. …
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Spice-Trail Oriental Condiments and Relishes
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Download file to see previous pages With much research they finally decided to start its business of spice. In 1992 the company secured financial baking with one of the investment bank. The company employed seven operatives to look after the site and the roasting, drying and its grinding operation. Pritpal was appointed as the CEO; Paul became the general manager and looked after the production process. The marketing department was looked by Sarah and Usmann. Kim looked after the administration and management information system. Eventually the company became a major player in spices of the food industry. The position of Spice-Trail The company has started off well and by 2000 the company took over a bread making company and included them in its product range. In 2005, the company introduced pre-prepared sauces and pastes which shoot up to their success. In the current scenario, Paul Bowers is the CEO; and all other members remained in their previous position. The company had two plants which had its own operational manger. The functional specialist normally favoured either one plant over another. There was a friendly rivalry among the two plants. Kim has realised that the friendly banter that existed between the two sites had become barbed and relationship had got less friendly. By May 2010 the company had 1750 employees working for Spice-Trail. Kim had taken into consideration the major incident which occurred in the company within the past few months and among them four incident that took place has majorly affected the company and its employees. The first incident that Kim noticed was the cultural difference among the two teams. A very unpleasant scene happened to develop in the training session of the two teams. Janice who was heading the Quality Operation was one of the favoured employees of the company and most of the company’s success is attributed to her. The two teams PR and PS did not mix well with each other and Kim had wished if she could do something to get them together. The second incident that Kim noticed was the incident regarding the warehouse. The warehouse was operated by Noddy Bones. Due to small sack size, the warehouse was labour intensive section of the company. The warehouse has 30 employees taking care of the sacks. In an incident, a coriander sacks accidentally caught the corner stanchion and the whole rack of coriander crumpled. This incident injured one of the drivers of the company and an investigation was followed which stated that the company was at a fault for not monitoring the situation and let the driver operate without anyone’s presence. The third incident took place over the annual pay review. The annual pay review took into consideration the development needs and salary progression. The employee base pay was about to increase by 2.75% and a bonus of 1.5%. The meeting took place between the employee and their respective manager which has been noticed as a matter of concern. Joel Barker team were not satisfied with the pay review. Following the decision many of Joel team members began to stay away from work and during the month July and August, the absentee’s record increased. This situation was made worse when two of Joel core member resigned. To handle this problem, Mo Travis was elected as the spokesperson and explained that the employees felt that they were let down by the management. When compared it was found out that the staff received 0.5%less than relish plant, they were offered more training and so on. The main issue was of grievance between the two teams and which lead to discomfort in the environment. The last ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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