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An Introduction to Business Ethics - Essay Example

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The author of the essay 'An Introduction to Business Ethics' emphasizes the crime to trade which is based on information that can influence returns that isn’t available to ordinary investors. However, the illegal form of insider trading needn’t be committed by insiders…
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An Introduction to Business Ethics
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Extract of sample "An Introduction to Business Ethics"

Download file to see previous pages The author explains that the company leaking information to outsiders on the deals and handshakes taking place inside the firm and with the firm and parties outside the firm. If insider trading is prevalent, why must we consider the ethical aspects of insider trading? According to Joseph Des Jardins, “unlike some business disciplines, there is no single answers in ethics, no single body of information, nor even a single framework for thinking about ethics” (9). For Des Jardins, business ethics “is truly a multidisciplinary field, incorporating from a variety of disciplines including philosophy, management, economics, law, marketing, and public policy” (9). It will make business ethics beyond definition thereby depriving businessmen of a tool with which to marshal their companies along the line that will promote profitability and business sustainability. Businessmen are neither philosophers nor academics although they have to study philosophy and the academic sides of a business. They are not individuals who muse by the hour and become contented and fulfilled with their musings. They are not philosophers who simply reflect on life and derive satisfaction the longer the hours they spend on reflection. Businessmen are not academics out to grasp theories and advance knowledge: businessmen thirst for knowledge just like academics but they are principal users of knowledge. Businessmen may advance knowledge as they advance their business in the same way that computer, internet, and information technologies have advanced as a result of business activity. However, advancing knowledge is not the businessman’s objective but making a profit. Of course, businessmen derive satisfaction as his or her business grows, take a leading role in the industry, employ an increasing number of employees, become recognized in society, and becomes a power or at least influential in society as his or her business shape society’s lifestyle, and outlook in the same way that the businesses of Bill Gates transformed the lives of people in the 21st century. Businessmen are individuals out to make a profit and survive in the competition of a business. Therefore, the appropriate or relevant perspective on ethics is that one that should enable them to make a profit, survive in the competition, survive in society, and if possible be ahead of the competition if not society as a whole. On the other hand, consumers are becoming critical of business.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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