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Research and Analysis of a successful entrepreneur: The case of Bill Gates - Essay Example

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This paper examines the life and biography of the billionaire, Bill Gates. It examines the early life of Bill through to the various stages of his life that influenced his interest in computer programming and the actual events in the life of Bill Gates that enabled him to become a successful entrepreneur…
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Research and Analysis of a successful entrepreneur: The case of Bill Gates
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Download file to see previous pages For a long time, Bill Gates worked as the chief software architect, CEO and major shareholder of Microsoft with 6.4% of shares. He is currently the Chairman of Microsoft and he divides his time doing this as well as running his charitable organisation which seeks to promote humanitarian services to less fortunate members of the society. Over the past 35 years of the existence of Microsoft, it has been the main brain behind the development of computer programs and systems. With strong legal basis, Microsoft has successfully monopolized numerous aspects of the development, sale and marketing of software. This has kept the company extremely wealthy and has prevented other competitors from developing independent systems and structures. The background of Bill Gates, which is steeped in Computer Science and Law has been very critical in the expansion and growth of Microsoft. Also, the family background of Bill Gates had a strong impression on building Bill Gates and shaping him into an investment magnate and successful entrepreneur. Bill Gates' understanding of the world of business and management was also very instrumental in moving Microsoft to its current status. This paper examines the background, personality and critical business systems and structures that are responsible for Bill Gates' success as an entrepreneur. It attempts to diagnose his business background and psychology to determine the main reasons for Bill Gates' success. Early Life Experiences in Preparation for Leadership Bill Gates was an intelligent child and he was fortunate to have been born into a family where there was a lot of intellectual stimulation and opportunities for the...
According to the research findings there are some personality traits and entrepreneurial psychological traits that have supported Bill Gates to remain the richest man on the planet for a long period of time. Most of these traits are connected to the childhood, discipline and ability to identify opportunities and commercialize them. First of all, Bill Gates built a positive culture of critical thinking. He spent a lot of his time trying to find solution to real problems as a child. This was quite abnormal for people within his age brackets. However, with a strong effort and a good concentration, Bill Gates was able to build a nature that was able to enhance critical thinking and problem solving. Secondly, Bill Gates did a lot of wide reading at a very young age of his life. He was able to read a lot of materials that had a global worldview. This enabled him to understand the different desires and expectations of the most dominant groups of people in our society. This was able to enable Bill Gates to know the best way of making the most in the commercialization of a global business at an early age in life. Thirdly, Bill Gates was really fortunate to be born into a family that cherished hard work and discipline. The Gates family was disciplined and they provided guidance for their children in different ways and systems. The safeguards in the Gates home was one that provided the children enough guidance and a motivation to learn and apply the mind to solving real-life problems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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