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E-business Models: Integrating Learning from Strategy Development Experiences and Empirical Research - Assignment Example

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THE INTERNET AND E-BUSINESS Name Date Table of Contents Task 1 1.1- Present Environment for E-Business With the passage of time, internet is offering more and more opportunities to its users. The world-wide-web is internationally pervasive. Additionally, the internet has involved more users from more nations as compared to some other communication tool…
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E-business Models: Integrating Learning from Strategy Development Experiences and Empirical Research
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, e-business simplifies the business processes by centralising IT processes to make them well-organized for business. For instance, a large size IT organisation Oracle saved one billion dollars by adopting the same practice. In the same way, there exist a lot of businesses adopting the same practice. When our data is all locked up in small parcels at different location, dispersed all over our business, not only becomes challenging and time-consuming to get a worldwide perspective, but it is as well an extremely large waste of money. Thus, centralising IT systems on an e-business model can accumulate enormous sums that are able to be a great deal better spent somewhere else (GoECart Ecommerce Platform, 2011; AME Info, 2002). 1.2- OBC Benefit from e-commerce and some of the difficulties The management of Oxenford Business College (OBC) desires to implement the new technology based/web based learning structure. The purpose of this system implementation is to facilitate the college to use a modern technology to perform education related activities. In addition, with this implementation Oxenford Business College is indented to improve its organisational efficiency. Thus, these innovative aspects will allow Oxenford Business College to take advantage of wider student access and business working. This system will offer following advantages: One of the main advantages that Oxenford Business College will be able to attain is higher competitive edge. The new web based infrastructure will offer an excellent management support to the college. Oxenford Business College will be able to establish better e-learning arrangement Oxenford Business College will be able to get better business performance Oxenford Business College will be able to offer better control over business working Oxenford Business College will be able to enhance its access to distant students Oxenford Business College will be able to implement distance learning arrangement that facilitate better knowledge distributing and credibility The emergence of interactive and online resources has brought optimistic advantages to the learning experience of students. In addition, the resources at the present comprise interactive material/data, digitised material, online and Internet resources, web links, external collections and numerous choice questionnaires. Additionally, with these web based learning facilities students are able to access the learning data and resources when and where they desire. On the other hand, administrators are as well able to build up resources simultaneously and place them to ‘hand out’ access to the data and information resources when it is necessary. In simple words, the intranet is utilized to offer the students an excellent way to access information and support for gathering information (El-Khatib et al., 2003; Vinitha et al., 2006). 1.3- Security and Legislation Issues This section outlines some of the important security and privacy issues regarding Oxenford Business College. This section also assesses the applicable significance of such factors to OBC. The majority of the e-learning originalities have focused on course development and delivery, with minimal or even without keeping in mind the safety, privacy and security as necessary elements. Though, it is obvious from the on top of trends that there will be a emergent requirement ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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