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Strategic Planning at the Chronicle Gazette.
The report presents a comprehensive analysis of the present problems affecting newspaper industry and the main causes of why circulation and advertisement revenue have reduced. …
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Strategic Planning at the Chronicle Gazette
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The goal of this paper is therefore to provide succinct visions to the management of chronicle newspapers about the current states in newspaper industry and project the trends in the next decade. The report analyses the current states of newspaper publishing industry, problems facing newspaper publishing, causal factors and how they impact on the newspaper industry. In addition, the paper also defines external assessment and internal assessment to determine the reasons as to why there is rapid decline in the circulation and revenues and the counteractive measures and technologies to be embraced to toughen their market position. Furthermore the appropriate strategies to be adjusted by chronicle newspaper so to be able to handle the challenges and procedures involved to deal with the challenges. In the past years, The Chronicle Gazette has been the leading newspaper especially in the urban setting with over 200,000 customers. However, in the years, the newspaper sells has been reducing and this has greatly impacted negatively on the revenue of the newspaper. Indeed there is great need for the company to revise it business strategies so that it can survive in this competitive world.
State of the newspaper publishing industry today Data on declining circulation and revenue The Chronicle Gazette is first-rate newspaper with over 200,000 customers and is the main newspaper read among the urbanites. In the recent years, newspaper subscription has been dwindling steadily and its estimated that, in the past eight years, subscription had declined by over 30% and advertising revenue by over 25%.Reduced advertising revenue has affected the daily operations of the newspaper industry for example maintenance of equipments and staff allowances. Status of newspaper leaders Financial problems in newspaper publishing industry have been swiftly declining advertising revenues and it’s estimated that from 2006, the revenue accrued from newspaper sell has been falling by over 40%. Trends in 2010 remained negative with less severe rate of revenue loss of over 6%. In reference to the released figures from Audit Bureau of Circulation, The Wall Street Journal tops all U.S newspaper with over 3.5% incremental sum paid circulation in 2010. The journal continues to expand it circulation and it leads other newspapers by selling over two million newspapers a day. The main rival of jounal circulation the USA Today is in the second position having fallen by over400, 000 copies. In terms of online sites, over400, 000 paid digital readers have registered with wall street journal placing the journal at the top of paid online site four times or more than Detroit free which hold the second position. In spite of the setbacks, USA Today has benefited for having over 400,000 paid digital readers. The New York Times, the third placed Newspaper had over 10% fall in income revenue because of untargeted or poor advertisement methods which declined by nearly 6% in 2010. However, there was 11% rise in online advertisement which accounts to over15% of company revenue. Why newspapers are facing declining circulations and revenues There are many reasons why customer subscription and revenue has fallen. These can be Classified into two categories; External assessment Internal assessment External assessment This involves the assessment of factors outside the industry which impacts either positively or negatively to the operation and the accrued profit of the industry. They include Economic forces Social, cultural, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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