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The Working Ways for Setting a Flexible Workforce - Assignment Example

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The main idea of this paper is to answer the questions about obstacles and benefits to creating a flexible workforce, why subcontractors can often offer products and services to a company more cheaply than if the company produced them, a collaboration mechanism for the enterprises in a supply chain…
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The Working Ways for Setting a Flexible Workforce
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Download file to see previous pages Yang and Zhengzhou developed a collaborative mechanism using multi-agent for enterprises in a supply chain (98). They postulated that in a manufacturing enterprise, the “purchasing agent will negotiate with the supply agent for price, quality, delivery time and supplying quota” (Yang and Zhenghzou 2007). This way the suppliers and the enterprise can enjoy gains and profits.
The replenishment order is triggered to create an order for the vast availability of a product produced through economies of scale to replenish the manufacturer. In this regard, the initial minimum development cost should be taken into consideration to ensure that the manufacturer places the order for replenishment.
The supermarket purchases the product from the wholesale market for a price. This price along with the further investment over the product in terms of its development, the maintenance and taxes are all covered in the price given to the manufacturer. In case the order size is reduced, the price offered will increase as all of these costs will increase simultaneously.
In order to achieve this objective, the manager will have to reduce the quality of the product used to achieve the final product. The other possible action can be the use of economies of scale to develop the product at the lowest possible cost.
The safety inventory is the stock that is saved for the purpose of use in the uncertain happenings or unprecedented increase in the demand for the particular product. This safety inventory rescues the supply chain from falling apart in the uncertain times when the stock depletes and there is no source to supply it.
When the lead time for making product transport from one place to another is reduced significantly the product becomes available as soon as the stock reaches a minimum level of availability. Thus, the need for safety inventory is reduced without hurting a product’s availability.
The product fill rate provides the product by product report regarding the number of orders have been successfully delivered to the customer. The con of this report is that it does not include any orders that have been canceled or returned by the customer. The order fill rate tells the rate per hour the person in the warehouse assembles each order. It improves performance and productivity but requires close supervision and skill.
The continuous review inventory policy reviews the stock available in the inventory on a continuous basis and ensures that it does not replenish to reach the stockout situation. It helps in keeping a check on the stock available on a continuous basis. The other policy is a periodic review which checks the inventory periodically and ensures that the only time required is replenishment lead time.
The product having a high margin will have a higher level of product availability as the margin relates to the lead time as well as the low demand of the product.
The first product will have a higher level of availability as the leftover units will add to the new inventory and continue to increase its availability. The other product will be sold out leaving less number of available products in the inventory.
The market intelligence will predict the expected rise in the demand for a product. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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