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Products and Service Cafe Blends in Dallas - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes Café Blends that is a startup Coffee shop in Dallas, Texas which aims to capture the loyalty of coffee lovers by blending traditional coffee experience in a concept store that is both modern and unconventional. It aims to be the coffee shop of choice in Dallas, Texas…
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Products and Service Cafe Blends in Dallas
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Download file to see previous pages Management of Café Blends plans to capture the target market by segmenting its menus, basing on the country source of the raw materials. Coffee sources will vary. There will be coffee to be imported from Brazil, as well as from Asia. Brazil, is the world’s largest coffee producer (Third World Network 2010), is known for its good coffee ingredients. The Product Development Team will be tasked to conduct researches to ensure that the raw materials being exported will serve the needs of the company to create a menu that will be both exotic and familiar to the target market. On top of this, there will also be specialty house blends. Coffee products include latte, decaf, cold coffee, and frappe. Moreover, apart from coffee, specialty tea and pastries will also be served. The menu will be a dynamic one, with a specialty drink and pastry for the day to be highlighted in the menu board. Initially, there will be coffee and tea (both hot and cold), and pastries that would complement the drinks. Eventually, other snack products such as cold sandwich and pasta will also be offered. The diversity of the products will be the key to obtaining loyal customers. Customers will be able to satisfy their cravings for good food at Café Blends Coffee Shop. Management is committed to delivering the best healthy food in a convenient location using excellent customer service. Café Blends will also offer reasonably-priced products compared with the other coffee shops in the area. The primary target market is the coffee lovers, 18 to 40 years old, who are either at the last years in the university or already embarking on a career. This group needs coffee and complimentary food as both for nurturing and as a tool for social activities. The older students may need coffee as an aid for their studying needs, or a place to stay while they prepare for their homework and studies. With their limited time and budget, they will also look at a place that offers reasonable prices and with good service. The young professionals market will also be a target market, as they need to socialize and find comfortable places to meet up with friends. They may also need a place where they could hang out, check on their laptops or just chill. Café Blends aim to cater to their needs by ensuring a good cozy atmosphere conducive for small talk, quiet reading or for relaxation. Moreover, the healthy options are perfect for this group of people who are also conscious of the food they take. They will express a preference for healthy drinks and food without sacrificing their cravings for a good cup of coffee. As a startup company, Café Blends will rely on nontraditional media and below the line advertising to make its presence known in the market. There will be very minimal above the line advertising. There will be merchandising activities along nearby roads and villages using announcement banners and streamers where applicable. These materials shall already be in full display two weeks prior to launch. The internet will be an important tool to captivate the market. There will be an official website for the company which will feature the menu choices. A coffee lovers club will also be launched simultaneously. This club will aim to provide privileges to its members. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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