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Integration of the strategy components in achieving Broadway cafs goal - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Summary Whilst deducing the success or effectiveness of an entrepreneurial venture, a businessperson has to calculate its profitability. The profitability of a project is calculated by finding out the returns achieved based on the outlay made (Amor 99)…
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Integration of the strategy components in achieving Broadway cafs goal
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Extract of sample "Integration of the strategy components in achieving Broadway cafs goal"

Download file to see previous pages This means that if the venture has a negative value of the returns or profitability, it is too risky or not profitable, and, the company should reconsider investing in the venture. Broadway Cafe has a rich history in the restaurant business. With modern technological development, the Business has to acquire a niche with the intent of competitively edging out its competitors in the business. IT strategies coupled with appropriate ethic codes would not only protect the older customer base but also introduce the new generation of internet accessible customers. The system also factors in the need to show employers that are not only IT compliant but also customer and environmental friendly. “Integration of the strategy components in achieving Broadway cafes goal” The Combined use of e-Business, employee ethics together with consumer confidence will provide synergy required in the management and daily operation of the Broadway cafe. This synergy provides a simplified and summarized vision of the business. With the ventures primary customer base being the MSU students, (an IT compliant public) an e-Business would be more attractive to them. Broadway Cafe expects to acquire a facebook and twitter account as well as other social media sites to seek membership from this population as a way of expanding its customer base. This membership would raise home deliveries, online booking, gift vouchers, and other niceties to pull them. With the additional setting up of a website, it would be simple to reach more customers through advertisements. A broadband service would also be available to ensure that customers comprise time to enjoy their meals plus a moment to surf the Internet. This strategy aims at attracting and retaining clientele that are time conscious, Internet responsive, and also the holidaymakers who prefer their orders delivered to their localities (Amor 207). Eco-friendly clients would also have the opportunity to meet e-tickets and receipts while the business would cut down the costs of purchasing pare receipts. The development of updated customer friendly employee ethics would be manifest. This will ensure that the employees have not only real working conditions but also customer ethics that can attract and retain customers. Most of the other competitors fail to initiate established employee ethics and this situational strategy hopes to capitalize on this tool as a sense of outplaying the other competitors in the business. Furthermore, customer security would equally become crucial. Customers are currently conscious about their safety especially within populated areas such as eateries and other social places. This is as the result of terrorist threats, cyber crimes, and social safety concerns. Broadway cafe hopes to initiate work ethics codes, consumer welfare and employee protection. With the introduction of the Biometric system, customers would be required to provide individual information. It is fundamental to ascertain that the management and utilization of such information would be achievable through careful process. The customers will recoup their biodata at will to build their dependence on the business. The Estimated Returns The business expects to source for money in order to achieve these strategies. The financing classification that is most suitable incorporates loans. The company has sourced for a web developer and a forensic officer who are to start work quickly and continue through by the end of the coming week. The estimated costs amount to $ 5,000, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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