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The Inclusive Business Stratagem: Issues on Going Global - Dissertation Example

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The Inclusive Business Stratagem: Issues on Going Global In my point of view any society is formed only when its required components are combined and blended as essential; these components include the development of many established aspects such as politics, culture, education and the last and the most important; business or economic institutions…
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The Inclusive Business Stratagem: Issues on Going Global
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"The Inclusive Business Stratagem: Issues on Going Global"

Download file to see previous pages The economy or business organizations of any society revolve and circulate around the above mentioned regulations. I believed that there is an unswerving association between a community’s mental picture and the money-making bustle which is being carried out it. How so? This is possible when a community has a well maintained financial foundation which provides the people with sufficient financial resources, as a result of which the community develops and grows. Hence for a balance society the economic cliques are extremely essential. But who are these economic cohorts? Business organizations that help in the circulation of the money in a society through various methods of selling goods and services to associates, contractors and other businesses are called the economic supporters. Some important examples of these economic devotees include the retail and construction organizations. In the last twenty years the entire motive and cause of the business industry has changed. New organizations are being constructed and developed. The ideology of the people belonging to business has changed. Even though the objectives of the business men have remained more self centered and narrow interested, but now the idea of denying such characterization is not given much review and thought. But the fact that the entire process of buying and selling affects the economy vastly cannot be denied. Ristau (2011: pp.24) has verified that “The United States is a market economy in which buyers and sellers in the marketplace are able to freely make decisions that affect the economy” A trend in the fusion and consolidation of various businesses throughout the world has been noticed. In my perspective this trend is mainly due to the factors which include economic development, demographic importance and technological development. Hence, the question that has been put in front of the entire circle of business organizations and is going to be pondered upon further in this verification is ‘Why have almost all of the business organizations gone global and what are the problems that they are facing in the process of strategy implementation?’ It is believed by many people that the decision of globalization in the business industry is more of a corporate plot. To which the expressions of anyone would be ‘Pfft! Globalization to business, my sir, is like oxygen to human body.’ Hence, this imposed question is rather intriguing due to its nature of debate and actual collection of causes and effects. Hence, keeping away any sorts of biased views it is better than we ponder upon Milton Friedman’s saying that ‘The business of business is business.’ During the past twenty years a significant progress has been noticed in globalization, due to modern communication, transportation and many other factors like improvement of the infrastructure, political decisions regarding international trade and finance through agencies like WTO, GATT, GATS, EU, NAFTA, and ASEAN etc. This progress consisted of a wave of efforts in which the broadening of the business organizations to provide their products on an internationally widened ground; was the most important flourishing step. In order to evaluate the question provided above for exploration we rather study and assess the business organization of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. This American organization is multinational in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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