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Dell evaluating the potential outsourcing of the firms software development services in Russia, Brazil, and UAE - Essay Example

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The key priority of firms operating globally is to identify a strategy that could protect them against strong market turbulences and would allow them to achieve a stable growth, a target that is, often, difficult to be achieved. …
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Dell evaluating the potential outsourcing of the firms software development services in Russia, Brazil, and UAE
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Extract of sample "Dell evaluating the potential outsourcing of the firms software development services in Russia, Brazil, and UAE"

Download file to see previous pages The firm has managed to create a powerful network of branches internationally. However, its performance is not stable, meaning that the firm has been proved vulnerable to market pressures, as this problem can be identified in the firm’s financial statements, as, indicatively, analyzed below. The review of the firm’s financial and operational characteristics and challenges has led to the assumption that the outsourcing of the firm’s software development services would significantly strengthen company performance through the improvement of the rate of response to customers’ orders and requests. At the same time, the firm’s position in its industry would be stabilized and strengthened since the firm would be able to achieve an important increase of its profits even in the long term. At this point, the following issue appears: which country would become the firm’s most important supporter, in terms of the promotion of the particular business project. The potential participation of a firm based on one of the following countries: Russia, Brazil and UAE is evaluated in this paper. It is concluded that all three countries have certain advantages for supporting such business project. However, seems that two of them, Russia and UAE would be preferred, as they are proved more ready to support the specific initiatives. The basis of this assumption is presented below. The characteristics of the company and of the industry involved are also explained at the level that they can justify the decision of the firm to outsource its software development services. 2. Dell – analysis of the aspects of outsourcing the firm’s software development services in Russia, Brazil, and UAE 2.1 Company characteristics Dell is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Dell evaluating the potential outsourcing of the firms software development services in Russia, Brazil, and UAE." is quite often seen among the tasks in college. Still, this essay opens a new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the manner for my own paper.

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