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Cultural Description of Brazil and Russia - Assignment Example

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The reporter states that the cultural following of Brazil is influenced by the culture of Portuguese because of their close association with the empire of Portuguese. Other regions that have impacted the culture of Brazil include European nation and African nations. Brazilian culture is even influenced due to immigrants from several nations…
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Cultural Description of Brazil and Russia
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Download file to see previous pages Brazilian literature started shaping up during the 16th century when explorers from Portuguese entered the nation and started writing about concepts such as fauna and flora. Brazilian literature writers are even recognized for producing great romantic works produced by Jose de Alencar who wrote specifically regarding pain and love (Newcomb 35). The cuisine that is experienced in Brazil varies from region to region which is a reflection of the taste of those who are recognized as natives of Brazil and those who migrated to the nation. Feijoada is considered as the national dish of the nation and everyday food that is consumed in the nation mainly consists if rice along with salad and beans. Beverages that are liked throughout the nation includes coffee and cachaca and the most popular sports of the region is football and the team has a national football team which is considered as one of the best teams throughout the world.
Russia is ethnically diverse with around 160 ethnic groups currently residing in Russia and due to this ethnic diversity, several religions are practiced in the region including Islam, Christianity and Buddhism (Mack 8). Russia is mainly recognized for its cuisine which mostly includes diverse kinds of fishes, mushrooms and poultry. The most popular beverages of Russia include vodka and beer and consumption of black bread is really high within the nation. The architecture of Russian buildings and historical places is mostly influenced by the architecture of Byzantine. During the period of 15 and the 16th century, Russian architecture was heavily influenced by architectural trends of Renaissance. Russian paintings that were witnessed during the evolution of the region included icons along with frescos that were vibrant in nature and these two genres of paintings were acquired by Russia from Byzantium. Russia heavily practices Rock music in modern times and the roots of their rock music can be witnessed in the heavy metal rock music of Western societies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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