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Nanosolar Solar Panel - Essay Example

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In the paper “Nanosolar Solar Panel” the author discusses the only solar panel in the world that is printed like a newspaper which makes it easy to transport and easy to install. It is also the most efficient with 17 percent efficiency in converting heat to energy…
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Nanosolar Solar Panel
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Download file to see previous pages Nanosolar will increase the value of its products for all its stakeholder by going global. For the same manufacturing and Research and Development expenses, it will be able to widen its market. The best strategy is to penetrate a country that is underexplored by solar panel manufacturers. By using export mode, Nanosolar will be able to maximize current investment. The mobility of its panels will make it easy to transport. Nanosolar may continue manufacturing its products in its current location and ship it to the country of choice. Introduction: Company Background Nanosolar is a revolutionary solar panel created by a startup company who got their initial funding from Silicon Valley venture capitalists (VC). True to the reputation of young Silicon Valley technology developers, Nanosolar is radically different from other solar panels such as Sunpower and Evergreen. This solar panel is as thin as newspapers, foldable, flexible and very light. This makes it a non-intrusive technology. Other solar panels need to be incorporated in the construction of buildings or houses or would require major construction to be installed. Nanosolar’s size, lightness, and flexibility make it easier to be installed. Any existing homeowners can buy this solar panel and install it with minor repairs (LaMonica 2008, 41). The company originated in Chicago but has expanded its operation in the United Kingdom. In fact, their first major contract was in Germany instead of the U.S. Nanosolar continues to develop its technology to improve the amount of heat it converts to energy and make solar electricity cost as affordable as conventional electricity. They are now officially the world’s most affordable solar panel and also the most profitable for the stakeholders of the company and efficient for the consumers of the product. Its superior technology and even more superior market positioning also give it the potential to be a truly global product. It is the only solar panel on the market that is possible to be shipped through conventional consumer courier. It is the framework that makes Nanosolar’s entry into the foreign market not only practical but logical. It will maximize the current investment by capturing a larger market. Main Report Motives for Internationalization The strongest reason for internationalization is the value it promises to its shareholder. The most obvious is the additional revenue it will generate using existing resources (Friedman 1970, 32). Nanosolar is the only one of its kind in the market that is easy to transport because of its flexibility. It renders the setting up of a manufacturing plant unnecessary. Companies who expand to foreign markets are forced to open a manufacturing plant in or near the market they want to penetrate. This equates to bigger investments which lengthens the returns to the stakeholder (Hollensen 2011, 231). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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