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Role Of HR In Developing Talent At Work - Literature review Example

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The writer of the paper "Role Of HR In Developing Talent At Work " focuses on the responsibility of human resource department in training employees and develop talent in the workforce of the organization so that they could replace the existing top managers…
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Role Of HR In Developing Talent At Work
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Download file to see previous pages Human resource department needs to groom the talent of the workforce in order to improve the productivity of the organisation both in the short run as well as in the long run. Talented employees would not only reduce the cost of the organisation but it would help in enhancing the productivity of the company and for this human resource department needs to assure that the existing leaders of the organisation are competent and have the qualities to lead the organisation and at the same time develop and train future leaders (Farley, 2005). Farley has focused on the long term growth and success of the organisation and he has identified talent management as an important tool that can be crucial in achieving long run success. Grossman (2007) has emphasized on the concept of talent management as well and he has given considerable importance on this subject. Grossman (2007) has defined talent management as how an employee enters the organisation and moves across from one department to another and from one organisation to another. He believes that organisation should pay attention on managing talent however it must ensure that the overall organisational structure and organisation design must not be hurt. He feels that it is important for an organisation to not neglect any of these important aspects i.e. talent management and organisational structure as an organisation without proper organisational structure would not be able to succeed in the long run. It shows that organisation should focus on talent management however in order to manage talent proper, HR department of an organisation should not ignore the importance of organisational structure and organisational design. Grossman (2007) has also focused on rewarding talented individuals which is an important aspect because by rewarding such employees, the motivation level of employees would increase and they would put an extra effort to increase the level of productivity or at least maintain their productivity level. Thus, all in all it would be helpful in improving the organisational productivity. Farley (2005) has emphasized that there should be a link between the business goals and workforce needs. Farley in his article tried to form a linkage between the people who are working in the organisation and the business processes and have made an attempt in identifying the areas from where an organisation earns its revenues so that the organisation should focus on areas from where it is generating more revenue. His article sends a message that human resource department is not just only for recruitment and evaluating performance of employees, but the role of human resource management is very broad than what it has been considered in the past. Today, human resource department needs to be responsible for effective human resource planning, succession planning, training, career development and talent management. HR department needs to identify the talent who would be able to take on the challenges to lead the organisation in future. So, as talent management with which the organisation would identify future leaders, its importance cannot be ignored. The main idea behind Farley’s article is to that human resource department needs to take more responsibility in facilitating the productivity of the organisation by helping employees to be more productive and identify areas from where the company earns its revenue. Such an article is important in today’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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