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From the research it can be comprehended that Alan Mulally and Bill Gates as objects of current research are effective leaders and it is under their leadership that the company has been successful at achieving great heights…
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Business Assignment about leadership as a business strategy
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Download file to see previous pages Center of discussion in this paper is leadership as one of the best strategies that can assist the companies on the pathway towards growth and success. There are different types of leadership styles that can be practiced by the organizational leaders. A leader can be defined as the person who is capable of influencing and monitoring a cluster of people towards the attainment of common goals. A leader can also be examined as such person who has numerous followers. Furthermore, a leader requires performing his duties well and capable of showing proper path to his group members so that the goals can be achieved. He must be able to convince the followers to follow his path as well as reward them for doing so. Leaders who are focused upon their principles and values tend to be successful at larger scale. There are majorly seven principles that need to be followed by the leaders to be successful. They are accepting accountability, continuation of learning through practice, sincerity, anticipation of the results, admiration for individuals and families, leading with integrity and establishment of the goals. There are theories presupposing that as the group tends to mature, the leaders are capable of varying his or her leadership style. However, there are leaders who may not change and therefore have a preferred leadership style. There are situations when the leaders may require adapting their leadership style so that they can fit any given situation. Therefore, it is significant for the leaders to be self-aware....
During the times of tough competition and other challenges, the company was engaged in preparing a model that demonstrates the way automakers as well as the CEOs of the company needs to handle the harsh conditions and do the needful. It had been noticed that Mulally was trying to integrate constancy of purposes along with lucidity and teamwork in managing culture at Ford Motors (Yale School of Management, 2010). It was Alan Mulally who had accelerated the company’s restructuring plan. Under his leadership, the huge losses incurred by the company along with the falling market have been reversed, thereby ensuring that the company had a strong balance sheet. It can be noted that it was under his leadership that Ford Motors was successful at selling off Aston Martin, Land Rover as well as Volvo (Yale School of Management, 2010). The esteemed Taurus brand had been revived and the company was capable of expanding the Lincoln brand under the leadership of Alan Mulally. Furthermore, the stakes held by the company in Mazda was withdrawn. Ford Motors was capable of delivering high quality products which were fuel efficient, elegantly designed and safe. The strategies were so developed by Alan Mulally that the company was successful in meeting the needs and demands of the customers by making complete utilization of the resources. This led to full year profit as noted in 2009 and in the first quarter of 2010. The sales of the company surmounted for all types of products and the best thing to notice is related to the fact that the sales of the company was capable of earning triple to the overall growth of the industry (Yale School of Management, 2010). It had been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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