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Organisational Behaviour in Vidsoft Technologies - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the organisational behaviour in the Vidsoft Technologies, that is a well-known internet company, which develops softwares and aims at meeting the procurement needs of customers through a culture of teamwork and cooperative efforts…
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Organisational Behaviour in Vidsoft Technologies
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"Organisational Behaviour in Vidsoft Technologies"

Download file to see previous pages However, certain revisions are to be made to overcome the problem situation through modification of the leadership styles and changing the ways of managing people. The recommendation for the same covers areas of appropriate leadership style for Vidsoft, the expected changes in the attributes of a leader, and some of behavioural changes in the leader. Steps that could have been taken by Babatunde for avoiding the situation Although it is crucial that Babatunde, being a leader empowers his people through the sharing of his power among team members and enhancing their feelings of personal effectiveness, too much reliance on the decision of team members must not be entertained. At present, Babatunde is seen to be representing the ‘country club’ leadership style according to the Managerial Grid presented by Blake and Mouton, and shown in the following figure. Figure 1: Managerial Grid by Blake and Mouton (Source: University of Kentucky, 2011, slide-19) According to the country club style of leadership he has been showing high concern for people, showing support and warmth towards followers, maintaining good relations with them, showing respect to their feelings and being sensitive to their needs. These attributes get reflected through the fact when he chose to allow Hsu to present his grievances against his decisions. Firstly this was allowance for Hsu to refuse to comply with his decisions. Hsu’s request to refuse to report to Li and further to be transported to a different support group which was supporting another product line shows an attempt to go against or flout the decisions that had been taken. His deepest for...
Today, Vidsoft Technologies is an internet company which develops softwares for meeting the procurement needs of customers. The company has been known for its high quality of service delivered to customers through a culture of teamwork, cooperative efforts, collaboration and solidarity among organization employees. However, the researcher mentiones that along with the growth of the organization, it has been confronting with leadership issues which are summarized in the following section. Technical Support Manager at Vidsoft initially applied his management style having a micro-management attitude where all his efforts went towards performance and success of the entire team. However, as number of team members kept growing, this management style felt short and it was increasingly difficult collaborating efforts and attaining a common consensus of all individuals in the group. Secondly, Babatunde’s leadership style represents a participative form of management style in which he allows participation of group members in the decision making process of the company. Thirdly, it is Babatunde’s decision to assign responsibilities for managing one of the product lines is not accepted by all, he does seem to be depicting a strong support over own decisions. Lastly, the researcher recommends that the leadership style of Babatunde could be focused on inspiring and motivating them to support the management’s business decisions rather than trying to gain the staffs’ approval for every decision making. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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