Ansoff versus Three Generic Strategies - Essay Example

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Porter’s Five Forces is considered as one of the most important strategic frameworks in the strategic management to understand and explore the competitive nature of an industry. It also serves as an important tool for any organization to study as to how the different competitive forces may have an impact on it and how it can respond to them. …
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Ansoff versus Three Generic Strategies
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Download file to see previous pages What is also important to understand that Porter also suggested three important strategies which can be used in order to successfully deal with five forces. Though Porter’s Generic strategies as well as the Five Forces model is considered effective however, there are also other alternative models outlining as to how a firm can successfully deal with the competition and make strategic decisions. One such model is the Ansoff’s Matrix which is also called the Product Market Expansion Grid. Developed in 1975, this matrix largely depends upon the product as well as the industry in which a firm operates and resultantly offers different choices to a firm in order to deal with different strategic challenges. Ansoff’s Matrix suggests four important strategic alternatives available to a firm to successfully operate under a given competitive scenario. These strategies include market penetration, product development, Market Development as well as diversification. This paper will attempt to first explain and explore Five Forces Model along with three generic strategies as suggested by Porter to successfully outperform other firms in the industry. Finally a comparison will be made between three strategies and the Ansoff’s Matrix to strategic development....
These are some of the key factors which need to be looked at in order to critically assess as to how the suppliers may have an impact on the firm. This is also critical owing to the fact that reliance on one supplier or few suppliers may geoperadize the overall position of a firm within an industry and therefore it is critical for a firm to assess this power in more critical manner. Buyers’ Power Buyers’ Power is also critical in the sense that it directly defines as to how the demand dynamics of the firm will behave if buyers have relatively superior bargaining power. This factor becomes more critical if the firm is involved in the B2B type of business with large buyers forming stronger clout. Factors such as brand identity, sensitivity towards price changes, threat of backward integration as well as the availability of substitutes can really define as to how buyers may have an impact on the firm. Threat of New Entrants When an industry is profitable and the prospects of earning profitability are sizeable, new firms tend to enter into the market in order to share the gains. Thus the overall threat of new entrants is considered as significant for any firm working in any industry. Factors such as barriers to entry, cost advantages as well as economies of scale and stronger brands are some of the factors which can allow a firm to successfully meet the threat of new entrants in the market. It is also important for a firm to critically assess this possibility and develop its competitive advantage and core competencies so that it can successfully withstand the challenges posed by the new firms. Threat of Substitutes Threat of substitutes can also be an important force which can result into significant strategic challenges for a firm. Threat of substitutes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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