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The recruitment activities for ABC ltd - Case Study Example

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The project seeks to analyse the case for ABC, Inc., which has been undertaking the recruitment activities. It is seen that a number of problems crop up during initializing the process of recruitment. The purpose is to propose suitable solutions to the problems faced by the company at present by making a thorough analysis of the same. …
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The recruitment activities for ABC ltd
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Download file to see previous pages The main problems which came forth from the study of the case are discussed as under. Firstly the case reflects lack of coordination between departments which happens to be one of the primary responsibilities of the HR departments in organizations. The problem arises due to improper communication in the organization. This is reflected through the fact that when Robins wanted to book the training rooms for the orientation program he found that it was already reserved for the setting up of computer terminals. An effective system of communication would have been effective in informing the entire organization about the availability of the program from beforehand. Accordingly the system could be scheduled as per the convenience of other departments.
Another key problem area is apparent from the fact that Robins being a new employee has failed to undertake the responsibility smoothly. This shows lack of proper training on the part of the HR department in the organization. In order to fit into the job responsibilities completely it is crucial that the organization implements proper induction training of the candidates to make them efficient to handle responsibilities. The case reflects inadequate training about the company which would otherwise made Robins aware about the probable arousal of problems. (Briggs, 2007, p.1). Most employees are technically minded. Therefore they would require a strong and concrete guidance on how to manage the operations. This has been the case with Robins as well. First and foremost the recruiter would have to be made aware of the requirements of the organization. The job description must consider the changing demands of the profile, the changes in technologies, and the different methods of working. Most importantly the job description must reflect the needs, rather than the skills required in the organization. Candidates qualifying the above requirements must be hired in the organization. The important aspect is to provide induction training which helps to equip the candidates with the right skills and knowledge for the job. Going by the analysis of the case study it reveals that Robins is not quite informed about the availability of the resources which would be required for conducting the orientation program. The present situation demands that there are two possible jobs to be dome urgently. One is the implementation of the orientation program and the other is to set up computer terminals. The crisis is that both require training rooms. However, it is strongly felt that the orientation program is a bit more urgent as compared to the other. However, it is difficult to set up the program since the training rooms are already booked by some other department. The question is to demonstrate the need of the situation and arrange the room for orientation. The key solution would be to understand that a delay in the hiring process would ultimately result in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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