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This paper discusses the concept of organizational culture and leadership in a detailed context. It also gives a comprehensive overview of these concepts with reference to Microsoft. Organizational Culture The concept of organizational culture plays an important role in the life and functioning of any organization. …
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Culture and Leadership in Microsoft
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Download file to see previous pages Culture and leadership are the two main and basic features of the organizations involved in any kind of business or service provision. These elements enable a company to flourish and achieve its aims and objectives in a much clearer way than those workplaces which lack proper formulation and translation of the values and norms. When we see the success stories of the leading, global firms around us, it gives a good realization of the fact that a good leadership and a sophisticated organizational culture form a good organization.
This paper discusses the concept of organizational culture and leadership in a detailed context. It also gives a comprehensive overview of these concepts with reference to Microsoft.

Organizational Culture

The concept of organizational culture plays an important role in the life and functioning of any organization. Defining the term in its specific context, the culture of an organization pertains to an idea referring to the aspect of organizational studies and management which explains the attitudes, experiences, psychology, beliefs and values related to an organization. According to many management experts the concept of organizational culture is described as the explicit compilation of norms and values which are commonly shared by groups and people in an organization. These values, beliefs and norms also influence the way the people in an organization communicate and network with one another and with the external parties and stakeholders outside the organization. To extend it further, these ideas and beliefs explain the nature of goals that the members in an organization normally follow. The culture also translates the suitable standards of behaviors, attitudes and the environment which are used by the members of the organization. Leadership Leadership is one of the main elements of the organizational management. According to many management experts and gurus, the term is described as the process of influencing the society and the workforce in which one member acts as the leaders and lists the support and assistance for other people and the subordinate in order to achieve the completion of a tasks which is being worked on as a mutual goal. The act of leading refers to the creation of a way through which the people in an organization put in their efforts and contributions in order to contribute something unusual to happen. Talking specifically about the implementation and influence if leadership in the organization, the effectiveness of this act pertains to the capability of the /leader to execute a successful maximization and instability to successfully integrate and maximize available resources within the internal and external environment for the attainment of organizational or societal goals 1 Microsoft Microsoft Corporation is the leading organization in the field of the provision of computer hardware and software products. The company is a public multinational based in America and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA. The company is basically involved in the development, manufacturing, licensing and supporting a diverse variety of services and products which are chiefly connected to the computer-related technology thorough the divisions of many of its product divisions2. The history of Microsoft Corporation briefly dates back to April 4, 1975 and this was the time when BASIC interpreters was developed and sold to Altair 8800. The company also rose to control the computer operating system in the home market in mid-1980s with MS-DOS, which was later followed by the introduction of the modern Microsoft Windows line of operating systems. The Microsoft Corpora ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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