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Analysis of monthly cash budget of Cyrus Brown Manufacturing Company - Essay Example

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Annex 1 exhibits the projected financial statement of Cyrus Brown Manufacturing Company for 9 months and a Cash Flow Statement. From these statements, we can see the projected progress of sales of CBM for the 9 months period, and readily appreciate the data on its year end…
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Analysis of monthly cash budget of Cyrus Brown Manufacturing Company
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Download file to see previous pages We will note from the income statement the net cash inflows from operations during the year after deducting the direct manufacturing costs and indirect expenses. As shown from the FS, the sales forecast for March and April are not sufficient to produce profit for the said months as expenses exceed projected sales. For the month of May, profit will be realized as projected sales have been increased. A substantial loss is seen for the month of June. A brief analysis of the data reveals that the loss is because of an investment made for plant structure and payment of taxes. The biggest sales forecast comes in September; however, it is also coupled with corresponding increase of expenses that includes second installment of payment of taxes; total expenses are 90% of sales. Accordingly, expected profit is reduced. There is a 42% drop in sales in October which is quite significant as it will also considerably affect the projected profit of the company and will reduce the cash receipts for the month. There is no explanation why the forecast of sales has gone down in October and November. TheTaxes have been deducted from the computations so the earnings that are shown in the balance are NET, that is no tax and interest have to be deducted. The net earnings are funds available for other uses like payment of debts or for other investments (Investorwords, n.d.) A projected monthly cash flow statement for March to November is presented for CBM to show the incoming and outgoing cash in the operations of the business. (See Annex 1). A cash flow has been defined as an accounting process that shows the difference of amount of cash in the beginning (opening balance) and the amount at the end of the period (closing balance) (Business, n.d.). Management of cash flows is an important part of the business operations because most often it becomes the source of failure for most businesses. Thus, FindLaw (n.d) contends that when the owner of the business understands the concept of cash management, he is prepared in the unforeseen eventualities in the business because he has a plan. Cash flows may become positive or negative during operations. When it is positive, business is shown to be in a healthy condition, while negative cash outflow shows internal problems in the operations. For CBM, its cash position shows negative cash outflow in the first two months of operations because of poor collection in March and slow growth of sales in March up to April. Cash flows will show the sources of funds used in the operations and how and where the funds are used. For sources of funds CBM provided an opening balance of $50,000 and collections from monthly sales. For March, only 75% of projected sales are expected to be collected. From April to November, 100 percent collection is expected to be collected. Because expenses are more than the funds collected from March to June there is a shortage of funds for this period. Due to this, CBM needs to get outside sources of funds to finance its operations for March, April and June. There is a large cash outflow in June because of a capital investment and payment of taxes in June, after which cash flow becomes positive and profit accrue to the business. The cash on hand provided by CBM is $50,000.00 and it will need additional funds to support its operations. Approximately CBM needs a minimum credit line of $24,500 to draw for its monthly shortage of funds. It is assumed that CBM had provided capital for operations and there is no need to borrow additional funds. Conclusion. A cash flow projection ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Analysis of monthly cash budget of Cyrus Brown Manufacturing Company." is quite popular among the tasks in college. Still, this text opens a new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the idea for my own research.

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