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Human Biology and Genetics in Tumor Treatment - Essay Example

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This research addresses the human biological background in the scope of disease treatment. Firstly, the current paper will introduce a patient chosen for the present case study. Furthermore, the essay investigates the symptoms and other characteristics of his disorder in the light of human biology,…
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Human Biology and Genetics in Tumor Treatment
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Download file to see previous pages The growing tumor causes increases in pressure exerted within the fixed space causing persistent and chronic headaches. The tumor also affects his occipital lobe causing the visual problems that Jordan faces. Since the tumor is around the occipital lobe, the pressure it exerts hinders the normal functioning of the eyes.
Glioblastoma is a fast-spreading form of an astrocytoma and is common in adults over fifty years. Astrocytoma is an example of a brain tumor that develops in glial cells. Glial cells are a star like neural cells that maintain homeostasis and protect both the central and the peripheral nervous systems. The cells are also known as neuroglia. Therefore, under normal conditions, they provide physical support to the neurons, regulate the internal environment of the brain within an optimal range, and to supply nutrients to the neurons.
Basing on the graph, a person using unmethylated MGMT promoter reaches optimal survival percentage faster than one using methylated MGMT promoter. Subsequently, the individual that makes use of the unmethylated MGMT promoter has a higher overall survival chance. The individual taking the methylated MGMT promoter takes a longer period to reach the optimum overall survival level. The meeting point for both promoters when used is, 80%. It takes a shorter time for a patient using unmethylated MGMT promoter to reach a higher percentage of survival.
The MGMT gene is a protein, whose primary function is to repairalkylane lesions stoichiometrically without a multi-enzymatic pathway and finally inactivates itself. If the cell is not repaired, they kill cells that are already affected by the tumor.
MGMT located at the chromosome and codes for s ubiquitously expressed suicide of DNA repair enzyme that removes alkyl adducts the position of the guanine.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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