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Impacts of Breed Contrasts - Essay Example

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In the paper “Impacts of Breed Contrasts,” the author provides the analysis of the relationship between the behavior of the dogs and the type of punishment administered. The aspect of punishment was recorded based on the behavior of the dogs in relation to aggression to family members…
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Impacts of Breed Contrasts
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Extract of sample "Impacts of Breed Contrasts"

Download file to see previous pages Of the total number of dogs that were sampled in the study, 42.5% frequently played during the day, while of the remaining number, 39.2% did not play with the owners and 18.2% were classified into the intermediate group. Based on the Chi-square tests that were conducted, a significant association was highlighted between the regularities of the daily play sessions and certain behaviors of dogs such as aggression towards visitors, submission, friendliness to strangers, fear of startling stimuli and the predisposition to escape. As indicated in table 3 of the study, a high frequency was equated to the dogs playing approximately 3 times or more daily in which such dogs were reported to be having positive results such as less aggression to visitors and friendliness with strangers, as compared to those that rarely played in a day (low frequency). The dogs with low play frequency, on the other hand, showed increased tendencies for escaping and lower obedience prevalence. Consequently, dogs with high play frequencies reported significantly less fear of astounding stimuli compared to those with low frequencies of daily play. In approximately 51.2% of the cases sampled, both the owners and the dogs initiated play sessions jointly while, in 25.6% of the cases, it is the owners who initiated the daily play sessions. In about 23.2% of the sampled cases, it is the dogs that initiated the play sessions. While seeking to determine the significant associations to the play initiators, the study found out that the behaviors of mounting on people and pulling on leashes were commonly witnessed among the dogs. For the case of the play session depending on the initiation by the owners, there was a reported relatively low mounting prevalence of people by the dogs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impacts of Breed Contrasts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5750 Words.
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