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Food Science and Composition of Foods - Coursework Example

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The author states that keeping a good state of mind and a healthy body largely depends on the food an individual consumes. "Food Science and Composition of Foods" paper deals with what people often consume as well as what they should know about the food they eat…
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Food Science and Composition of Foods
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Extract of sample "Food Science and Composition of Foods"

Download file to see previous pages Proteins are used to make food foams in several food items like gelatin, soybean protein, in cream and egg products like soufflés, and whipped cream-type products. They are also used to make gels such as in baked custards and pies, pumpkin and as thickening agents for sauces and puddings. In addition, protein foods are basically common foods found in milk, meat, baked beans, gelatin and egg dishes” (Hess, 2011, p.4).

“Proteins are large colloidal sized molecules when combined form amino acids with peptide bonds. Amino acids are composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sometimes sulfur. Some protein molecules can also contain traces of phosphorus, iron, copper, and manganese. There are 22 amino acids in protein foods that function as acids or bases” (Hess, 2011, p.4).

“Proteins undergo a certain transformation when subjected to physical and chemical processes like Denaturation which is the partial unfolding of protein molecules retaining all the peptide linkages. Crosslinks form and protein molecules aggregate in the later stage of protein denaturation. This process results in decreased solubility and thus, renders protein biologically inactive and this is not a reversible process.” (Hess, 2011, p.4). The other process is known as “Coagulation which is another irreversible transformation of protein from liquid to solid state either by cooking such as in hard-boiled egg, roast beef, cheddar cheese curds, and wheat gluten in baked bread, or by whipping like in meringue. The high concentration of acids and salts can also cause protein coagulation. Over coagulation can cause tough, rubbery, or curdled products. This can occur well below the boiling temperature. Coagulation is said to be more often used than denaturation” (Hess, 2011, p.4).

“Meat is composed of: a) Muscle fibers are the digestible lean tissues in meat; b) Connective tissues such as Elastin, the hard yellow elastic connective tissue in meat that is unaffected by heat or moisture and Collagen, the white connective tissue in meat that can be softened or dissolved in hot water to form gelatin” (Hess,2011, p. 4) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Food Science and Composition of Foods Coursework.
(Food Science and Composition of Foods Coursework)
Food Science and Composition of Foods Coursework.
“Food Science and Composition of Foods Coursework”.
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