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Investigation of Arabic Gum as An Anti-Microbial - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "Investigation of Arabic Gum as An Anti-Microbial" it is clear that Gum Arabic (Acacia Senegal) is deemed as among the very few natural sources of Prebiotic at 100% ratio of fermentation, with most of the prebiotics available in the market being processed. …
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Investigation of Arabic Gum as An Anti-Microbial
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Extract of sample "Investigation of Arabic Gum as An Anti-Microbial"

Download file to see previous pages Sekhon and Jairath (2010) posit that probiotics can also be referred to as the friendly bacteria that can be utilized as a complementary medicine. They are mainly lauded for their ability to improve the gastrointestinal balance of microorganism. There has been some reported evidence that indicates that probiotics can also prevent infections on the urinary tract. On the other hand, prebiotics poses an additional advantage to the probiotic counterparts in the sense that the oligosaccharides contained in prebiotics are not easily destroyed by the gastrointestinal enzymes (Sekhon&Jairath 2010).
According to Siddig (2008) Gum Arabic (Acacia Senegal) is deemed as among the very few natural sources of Prebiotic at 100% ratio of fermentation, with most of the prebiotics available in the market being processed. For some time, Gum Arabic has been considerably overlooked due to some wrong classification of the same as an additive by the World Health Organization WHO and the Food and Agricultural Organization. This made the product to be used mainly in the drink manufacturing industries where it is employed in the manufacture of carbonated drinks. As such, the ultimate consequence of this wrong classification has withdrawn this product from the disposal of patients.
The Acacia Senegal is a small tree a member of the legume family whose nativity is in Africa and the Middle East. The tree normally exudes a gum that has been used as a curative and the main carrier for the biologically useful agents. Wood (2008) suggests that Acacia Senegal is used in a broad fashion as a mucilage and an emollient, where it is commonly used as a syrup to form a coating that mollifies the trachea as well as the oesophagus. The gum is also thick and sticky; properties that significantly help in protecting the surfaces of these smooth internal linings whilst allowing for retention of warmth and moisture. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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