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Why Do So Many People Still Die of Malaria - Coursework Example

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The paper "Why Do So Many People Still Die of Malaria" discusses that malaria causes far-reaching adverse effects on the economic growth of a country. The World Health Organization reports that high malaria disease rates in countries may reduce its gross domestic product to an extent of 1.3%…
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Why Do So Many People Still Die of Malaria
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Download file to see previous pages Scientists discovered another dangerous species known as Plasmodium knowlesi which can also be life-threatening. Medical practitioners opine that humans may get infected with more than one type of Plasmodium at a time. Although effective medicines have been developed for the treatment of this disease, any failure in timely diagnosis would make the disease dreadful.
In the opinion of Rietveld & Schlagenhauf (2008, p.214), malaria produces more complications in pregnant women and young children because these groups are more vulnerable to malaria. As mentioned above, malaria includes different categories among which cerebral malaria or brain malaria is the most dreadful one. Cerebral malaria produces notable changes in the mental status of the people affected and sometimes it may lead the patients to a coma stage. The mortality rate for this disease is 25-50% and an affected person would certainly die in 24-72 hours if he/she does not get proper treatment. The most horrible nature of this disease is that 15-20% victims of cerebral malaria die even if they are given medicine right time. The mortality rate of cerebral malaria still rises since medical science has not well identified the cause of this disease yet (
According to Bhatia (2002, p. 98), Blackwater fever is another complication of malaria in which red blood cells break and release haemoglobin directly into the blood. Progressively, this released haemoglobin reaches urine and it makes the urine very dark in appearance. If the patient does not get proper care in this condition, he may suffer from kidney failure too. Unfortunately, effective remedial measures to hemolytic crises of this disease have not been discovered yet. The rapid annihilation of red blood cells leads to other issues like hemoglobinemia, hemoglobinuria, and anuria and even death. Likewise, Pulmonary oedema is an awful situation arising out of acute falciparum malaria and there is 80% possibility for associated deaths. This disease is characterized by the accumulation of fluid in lungs that damages the respiratory system of the affected person. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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