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How Do Changes in Chromosome Number Evolve - Term Paper Example

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The goal of this paper is to discuss the tendency of an evolving number of chromosome number. The presented arguments reveal a picture that gene duplication does occur and it may have laid the foundation of evolution and changes in the chromosome causing variation in the number of chromosomes…
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How Do Changes in Chromosome Number Evolve
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Download file to see previous pages The process of evolution is solely based on the genetic manipulation encompassing natural selection where nature shows favouritism for some organism over the other resulting in the domination of their offspring displaying a higher level of robustness. Genetic characters are responsible for the natural selection and superior adaptation of the organisms, this is one of the major reasons that pave the way for evolution and therefore organisms are not precisely alike over the generations. Evolution is more persistent if the populace becomes secluded either all the way through ecological or geological distance or by methods that check genetic swapping. Eventually, a secluded population can diverge into novel species (Gould, 2002).
Another method of evolution is genetic drift, these drifts are the resultant of slight mutations in genes, causing changes in chromosomes. In many cases, mutations do not bring any remarkable changes and do not even cause any injury to the organism. Survival of these modified genes in the organism cause genetic alterations and are passed to the next generation. These genetic changes could be seen in the phenotype of the organism where alterations are obvious and measurable. Such changes differ from the natural selection process which is responsible for acting on only the adaptation mandatory for the survival of the organism (Garvin-Doxas, 2008).
These two alteration processes are continuous processes. Species are constantly evolving, this can be seen when a comparison is drafted between the inhabitants on the planet when the life began around 1 billion years ago and the present organisms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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