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Potential Of Gene Silencing Techniques As A Therapeutic Strategy - Research Paper Example

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RNomics has been defined as the study of RNA in regard to its regulatory role in gene expression. The writer of the paper "Potential Of Gene Silencing Techniques As A Therapeutic Strategy" discusses the molecular mechanisms of gene silencing with clinical relevance…
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Potential Of Gene Silencing Techniques As A Therapeutic Strategy
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Extract of sample "Potential Of Gene Silencing Techniques As A Therapeutic Strategy"

Download file to see previous pages Recent research has identified these small RNA molecules as major regulators of gene expression in the eukaryotic system whose primary role is in defining gene silencing mechanisms. These short single-stranded RNAs function as post-transcriptional regulators of gene expression (Moazad, 2009). The cumulative results from many research studies suggest that RNA interference represents a very important mechanism of gene silencing in the eukaryotic system (Almeida and Allshire, 2005).
Post-transcriptional gene silencing mechanisms are associated with a phenomenon called “RNA Interference” (RNAi) which involves inhibition of mRNA translational activities required for the production of specific proteins in a cell (Lin and Ying, 2006). MicroRNAs play an important role in mediating these post-transcriptional gene silencing regulatory functions. MicroRNAs are single-stranded RNA molecules that silence the translational capacity of mRNA by binding to mRNA by complementary base pairing to produce regions of double-stranded RNA that cannot bind to the ribosome or hybridize to the anti-codons of tRNA; the net effect is to silence gene expression of specific mRNAs by blocking their translation (Hammond, 2006). miRNAs were first discovered in Caenorhabditis elegans (C.elegans) where they were found to play an important role in the selective targeted post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression during embryonic development (Chua et al, 2009). Subsequent research showed that miRNAs are the product of non-coding regions of the eukaryotic genome. The results of the Human Genome Project demonstrated that about 97% of the human genome consists of non-coding DNA; only 3% of the genome contains protein-encoding genes (Hammond, 2006). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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