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Current Perspectives On A Global Ban Of DDT - Essay Example

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Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane is a mixture of isomeric forms of organochlorine. The paper "Current Perspectives On A Global Ban Of DDT" discusses neurotoxic effects are experienced by many other forms of life if exposed to this pesticide in the context of its environmental application…
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Current Perspectives On A Global Ban Of DDT
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Download file to see previous pages The first important use of DDT occurred shortly after its discovery, during World War II, when it was used to control an outbreak of typhus in military troops, which is transmitted by infected lice (Beier et al. S14). Its most widespread environmental applications, however, have been its use in agriculture and in an effort to destroy the species of mosquitoes that are the vectors for the transmission of the malarial parasite to humans Prüss-Ustün, Bonjour, and  Corvalán 49) Despite the accumulated evidence that DDT has serious toxic effects on the environment and in humans, its use continues in certain areas of the world, especially in many counties of Africa. From 1950-1980 DDT was used as a pesticide for agricultural purposes such 40,000 tons were dispersed into the environment each year (Beier et al. S19-20). The Stockholm Convention banned the agricultural use of this pesticide. Today, it is estimated that 4-5,000 tons of DDT are used each year to control the spread of malaria and leishmanias. India is the largest consumer worldwide. India, China, and North Korea are the only countries that continue to manufacture DDT. Moreover, the use of DDT as an agricultural pesticide has continued in India and North Korea (Beier et al. 24-27).
The use of DDT to control the spread of malaria in tropical areas of the world in the 1960s and 1970s resulted in the rapid decline of this disease; however, its use was limited in areas of the world where the incidence of malaria is high, including sub-Saharan Africa (Beier et al. S22). Since then, areas of high malaria incidence have adopted the extensive use of DDT to control the spread of this disease. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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