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Stomatopoda: Physical Characteristics - Case Study Example

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This paper "Stomatopoda: Physical Characteristics" presents the order Stomatopoda that belongs to Crustacea phylum in the class Malacostraca and the subclass Hoplocarida. Stomatopods (mantis shrimps) are basically predatory crustaceans that live in shallow seas…
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Stomatopoda: Physical Characteristics
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Extract of sample "Stomatopoda: Physical Characteristics"

Download file to see previous pages As far as its appearance is concerned it occurs in bright colors mainly from brown shades to bright neon colors.

The stomatopods have a shallow carapace that covers its body leaving four thoracic somites uncovered. The shorter length of the carapace makes the rear part of the organism much longer. It has two somites in its head which are movable and bear stalked eyes and the antennules. (Juan, San A, 1998)

Their eyes are highly developed with multiple lenses providing them excellent vision. Mantis shrimps have the ability to see shapes accurately under differing conditions of light. They even have three separated divisions in the eyes designed to see infrared, ultraviolet, polarized and visible light. Some body parts of the stomatopods like parts of antennae and tails reflect polarized light which facilitates the process of communication and helps to locate one another. (ALF,2008)

The second thoracic limbs form massive spear-like or club-like grasping organs that are held close to the body, underneath the head and thorax. The organism has a large abdomen with large leaf like limbs called pleopods which bear branchial filaments. These are used for swimming and have gills facilitating respiration. Differently from other organisms that have their respiratory system within the thoracic region, the stomatopods have their respiratory system within the abdomen. A flat tail segment forms the end of the abdomen with a pair of appendages, or uropods which are fanlike (ALF,2008)

There are obvious physical differences between the genders of stomatopods. Male stomatopods have long, slender sperm-transferral organs located at the bases of the last pair of walking legs. The distinguishing feature of the female stomatopods is that their reproductive organs appear as a narrow slit that opens underneath the body between the first pair of walking legs. (Juan, San A, 1998)

The stomatopods live in shallow waters of the seas of tropical and subtropical climate. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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