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Self-Recognition in Monkeys and Apes - Case Study Example

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This paper under the headline "Self-Recognition in Monkeys and Apes" focuses on the fact that recognition is the matching of an encoded input to a stored representation. Facing the environmental changes and occurrences around are the manifestations of self-recognition…
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Self-Recognition in Monkeys and Apes
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Extract of sample "Self-Recognition in Monkeys and Apes"

Download file to see previous pages Food for a lion is a friend for a rabbit. Response from animals to various stimuli makes the difference and thus named self-recognition. In our current study we are to focus on the self-recognition in apes and apes. Apes closely related to humans. Four major kinds of apes are: Chimpanzees, Gibbons, Gorillas and orangutans. Scientists believe that apes and human beings developed from a common ancestor. Apes are usually confused with apes by common man. Monkeys do have tails and are less intelligent compared to apes. Let us now have a close look at the social interactions of apes among themselves. Gibbons form a family group of a male, female and their young ones. Chimpanzees live in groups of twenty to forty members. Often female chimpanzees leave a group and join others. Gorillas live in the lowlands of western and central Africa. Normally large male gorilla leads a group. Orangutans although travel alone, female and young ones travel together. Save a few large male orangutans all the species spend much of their time in trees. (World Book Encyclopedia, pp 496, World Book International, London)

Behaviours are the impact of self-recognition. Instinctual recognition and emotional recognition are the modes of recognizing the self with the environment. Of the recognition capabilities in animals, cognitive recognition, visual recognition, sound recognition and action recognition are notable. Generally, the sense recognitions vary among the animals. Apes also exhibit their recognition capabilities in their own manner. We shall now have a general look at the three recognitions.

Cognitive recognition usually emerges from a visual stimulus. Recognizing mother, the same species, preys and enemies through visual stimulus is generally strong in all animals. In the case of apes, this type of recognition is sharp. Kazuo Fujita, 1993 established that pigtail apes were able to discriminate species based not on single features but on the combination of many features of which the head was important. (Kazuo Fujita, 1993)  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Self-Recognition in Monkeys and Apes Case Study.
(Self-Recognition in Monkeys and Apes Case Study)
Self-Recognition in Monkeys and Apes Case Study.
“Self-Recognition in Monkeys and Apes Case Study”.
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