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These systems are highly intertwined to allow for optimal functioning of any human being. To begin with, the blood is transported to other parts of the body after being pumped by the heart. At the same time,…
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Making Connections
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Intertwining of the heart, blood and respiratory systems Blood, heart and the respiratory systems are very crucial in ones life. These systems are highly intertwined to allow for optimal functioning of any human being. To begin with, the blood is transported to other parts of the body after being pumped by the heart. At the same time, for this blood to be of use to the human body, it must carry oxygen to other parts of the body and carbon four oxide with other waste material from other body systems. This carbon dioxide is then exchanged with oxygen in the lungs (Batzel and Bachar, 370). Thus, after being pumped by the heart to the lungs through the respiratory system, it should be oxygenated in the process and cleaned up to enhance normal body function. Therefore, all these systems have to work harmoniously to improve survival of the human being since if one fails, one is likely to lose his or her life.
For instance, in case the heart failed, the other two systems will be affected tremendously. The human body will sense the inadequacy in blood supply to other parts of the body and try to compensate. This, in the long run, will lead to an increased rate of breathing and clogging of blood in the vessels and other body organs. This is so because the human body entirely depends on oxygen for respiration. Hence the lack of oxygen which has been cut off due to inadequate blood supply, affects the normal metabolism rate. As a result, there is increased rate of breathing which is a corrective measure trying to restore oxygen availability in the human body. Furthermore, in case there are severe cases, that can be the status of the blood in other parts of the body leading to the formation of thrombus that dislodge and affect the healthy blood supply or respiration process.
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Batzel, Jerry J., and Mostafa Bachar. “Modeling the Cardiovascular-Respiratory Control System: Data, Model Analysis, and Parameter Estimation.” Acta Biotheoretica 58 (2010): 369-380. Web. Read More
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Making Connections Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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