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It underlies the soil and oceans. This paper will be looking at the eucrite meteorite rock and outline some of its striking properties. The name Eucrites…
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Identify rock
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Eucrite Meteorite Rock affiliation Eucrite Meteorite Rock A rock is a solid mineral material that forms most of the surfaceof the earth and almost every other planet in the universe. It underlies the soil and oceans. This paper will be looking at the eucrite meteorite rock and outline some of its striking properties. The name Eucrites comes from the Greek work eukritos, which is supposed to mean ‘easily distinguished’. The reason why they are said to be easily recognizable is that they have silicate minerals in them. The minerals are characterized by relatively large grain size (Patchett & Tatsumoto, 1980).
The term ‘Eucrite’ has now become obsolete for the igneous rock known as bytownite-gabbro that is formed in the Earth’s crust. It is also a term that was mostly used for the Paleogene rocks found in Scotland. Eucrites are a part of the HED meteorite clan that consists of over a hundred different meteorites. This is because they mainly originate from the surface of an asteroid known as 4 Vesta (Binzel, & Xu, 1993). They are achindritic stony meteorites and are the most distinct of the clan.
This type of rock also consists of the basaltic rock found in the same asteroid. The rocks are mostly made of pegeonite, Calcium-poor pyroxene, and lastly the anorthite (Calcium-rich plagioclase). The above composition of the different rocks is what requires that the eucrites be divided into several groups. The first category is the cumulate eucrites. This type of rock is rare and is thought to originate from the interior of the 4 Vesta, from its crust that is, and deep within its solidified magma (Binzel, & Xu, 1993). Polymict eucrites, on the other hand, are regolith breccias. This type of rocks is also very rare and consist of mostly eucrite segments and less that 10% of a type of howardites known as diogenite. The structure is also as coarse as most other rocks made of silica (Binzel, & Xu, 1993).
Lastly, there are the most common type of eucrites, which bears almost all the above rocks characteristics, spongy and having alternating rough and smooth segments. They are known as the Non-cumulate eucrites.
Binzel, R. P., & Xu, S. (1993). Chips off of asteroid 4 Vesta: Evidence for the parent body of basaltic achondrite meteorites. Science, 260(5105), 186-191.
Patchett, P. J., & Tatsumoto, M. (1980). Lu–Hf total-rock isochron for the eucrite meteorites. Nature, 288(5791), 571-574. Read More
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Identify Rock Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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