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Social success determines the role an individual plays in the society in the future. The brain is one of the complex organs in the human body that controls every function of the body…
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Advantages of social skills in children There is a close relationship between the social skills and the development of the human brain. Social success determines the role an individual plays in the society in the future. The brain is one of the complex organs in the human body that controls every function of the body. Children learn social skills from their peers by mimicking what they do in certain situations. Human evolution concentrates on the development of the brain. The brain enables individuals to develop technology that makes work easier. Research indicates that due to diet, the primates shift their sensory from smell to sight. The monkeys use their judgmental skills to determine the type of leaves and fruits they will eat. The old world monkeys have a duplicated opsin gene that is lacking from other primates. The gene gives them the ability of having a better vision of orange and red areas of the light spectrum.
The ability helps them choose nutritional food substances to consume (Zimmer, 381). As the world develops, the climate changed and the fruits became scarce and the primates had to change their strategy towards smell for survival purposes. The change of strategy from the sense of smell to the sense of sight changes the social skills of primates. The primates have to rely on their sense of smell to choose food and in some circumstances communicate to each other. There was development on the language of odors in the primates. A mother sheep passes molecules to her child that helps them communicates to each other. The molecules cause change in the brain of the ewe that helps it bond with child. It will use the molecules to recognize her lamb bond with it until it is ready to be on its own. The transition enabled primates to respond more emotionally to the sight of other primates (Zimmer, 382). The transition results in change of the muscles in the face-helped primates make expressions. The expressions in the face of the primates were a development of the brain. They had the ability to know of understanding what other primates were doing.
Researches believe that the social evolution made the brain more intellectually. Robin Dunbar, a specialist in the area, believes that the size of the human brain continued to develop ever since (Zimmer, 383). Numerous tests tested the social and mental skills of small chimpanzees and those of adult chimpanzees. The results of the research indicate that the children learn faster when they observe what their adult counterparts do. Children develop their social skills by observing what the activities of their counterparts. The social skill allows the children to learn how to survive in the environment. It gave children the mentality of wanting to learn more from the chance they have in the environment. Children grow understanding and respecting the environment that they come from. Children learn math much faster than the chimpanzees and it helps in developing the society. They build their imagination that help that will help them develop the conditions of the society. Social skills is important to children because they grow learning how to solve their social problems in adulthood. Children develop an understanding of other individuals and learn the consequences of their behavior. Individuals who have less developed social skills find themselves as outcasts in the society.
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Zimmer, R. "Evolving the Human Brain."Evolving a Human Brain and The Language Instinct. Vol. 2. Amherst, N.Y.: Prometheus, 2007. Print. Read More
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