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The scientific paper under review entitled, “Impact of Mesophyll Diffusion on Estimated Global Land CO2 Fertilization” demonstrates how current carbon cycle models undervalue the lasting receptiveness of global terrestrial productivity to CO2 fertilization. It is due to…
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Scientific study
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"Scientific study"

Download file to see previous pages This is one of the major reasons for which the ratio of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not match with high or overestimation growth of atmospheric CO2 predicted by Earth System models. This paper will help in better understanding and modeling of carbon climate feedbacks [1].
1. The author use different models to illustrate the carbon-climate response. They used Community Land Model 4.5 (CLM4.5), LeafWeb and FvCB model for the evaluation of this scientific study or to answer the question [1]. One of the evidence that has been put forward by the author claims that empirical global gm model for C3 plant species are developed. These are completely based on a synthesis of data in the literature. It should be noted that the author has presented all the data concerning the subject of matter with careful placement of statistics and formulas. Also, the implementation of the C3 plant species is allowed contrasting simulations that either consider or omit the mesophyll diffusion limitation. Herein, it is important to note that there are two types of simulations (gm-including and gm-lacking simulations). The author has clearly present the following inclination in the research method section , “A parameter conversion function that was developed from leaf gas exchange dataset collected by LeafWeb to enable a correct comparison between the gm-including and gm-lacking simulations and it was based on CLM4.5 formulation of FvBC model” [1]. Furthermore, strict actions were undertaken in order to promulgate any difference in the trend of GPP between simulations can be attributed unambiguously to the mesophyll diffusion treatments [1].
4. Finally, the readers can make use of the article for reference as it is conclusive of the fact that total ΔCFE between the gm-including and gm lacking simulations for global GPP increased. The increase was marked from the year 1901 to 2010. Slight pre-1950 increase in ΔCFE is followed after 1950 and this pattern shows that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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