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A company has devised a method that they use to interfere with the genetic material of salmons so that they can grow faster. The genetically modified salmon grows faster as compared to…
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Video Summary Super salmon for sale The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) is considering the sale of genetically altered fish. A company has devised a method that they use to interfere with the genetic material of salmons so that they can grow faster. The genetically modified salmon grows faster as compared to the normal salmon. The FDA argues that the consumption of the genetically modified fish is safe for human consumption. However, critics, on the other hand, argue that more tests need to be done to establish the effects of the genetically modified fish on humans. Critics are also concerned about the effects that these fish may have if they find their way to the natural environment. E.g. if they would breed with the normal salmon. However, the company that is involved has argued that these fish are sterile. The FDA is yet to decide if the genetically modified fish will carry a special label.
Farmers in Arkansas are facing huge losses because their crops have been infested with a type of weed known as the ‘pigweed’. The weed is native to North America. Farmers have over the years been able to fight the weed using special chemicals. However, the chemicals have suddenly stopped working. The weed has adapted to the herbicides that were being used to kill them. The weed grows 3 inches a day and kills crops and destroys farm machinery like combine harvesters and cotton pickers. The farmers have now resulted to the traditional way of dealing with weed (using manual labor) which is slow and expensive. Scientists believe that the weed is now resistant to the herbicides used to kill it and a new herbicide needs to be developed. This might take close to seven years.
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"Pig Weed Threatens the Agriculture Industry by Overtaking Fields of Crops - ABC News.flv." YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 30 Sept. 2014. Read More
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